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Why Businesses are Adopting VR

Businesses Acting Now

While the consumer world is still searching for a virtual reality ‘killer app’ and waiting for better and cheaper hardware, we see businesses clearly understanding the value of VR and act on it today. Especially in the marketing community, business trade publications such as B2B MarketingChief Marketer, or MarketScale report on how “VR is already having a big impact on marketing in 2017” (MarketScale), and we can confirm that. Having been pioneering VR technology for over a decade, we at WorldViz are excited to be moving from an evangelizing role to our core strength of consulting companies eager to adopt VR as the medium of the future for marketing, sales, and training.

What’s The Tipping Point?

What has changed and why are so many more businesses ready to dive in? We think that the consumer hype around VR has created the level of awareness that corporate decision makers realize they will fall behind the technology curve if they ignore VR. When they experience a WorldViz VizMove VR system for the first time, and meet someone else live in VR through our Vizible collaboration solution, they viscerally […]

WorldViz Announces New VR Communication Platform for Businesses, Codenamed “Skofield”

Skofield alpha to be shown for the first time at Autodesk University; WorldViz launches beta testing program

Nov 15, 2016 – Santa Barbara, CA – WorldViz, an industry-leading provider of virtual reality (VR) solutions for the enterprise and public sectors, announced today that it is working on a new communication platform, codenamed “Skofield”. Currently in alpha, Skofield will bring VR to businesses looking for new, cost-effective and more immersive methods for communicating complex ideas to remote decision makers and disbursed teams. The alpha version of Skofield will be on display in the “Lenovo Virtual Reality Interactive Zone” at Autodesk University (Nov 15-17, Las Vegas Venetian Hotel).

“Accurately conveying visual ideas to remote decision makers is still a huge challenge for companies,” said WorldViz CEO and co-founder, Andrew Beall. “We see it all the time – modern communication technologies such as telephony, video conference calls, and PowerPoint sharing simply can’t bring people together in a collaborative setting or enable decision makers to experience complex concepts, designs, and spaces first hand. Companies are spending a staggering $1.25 trillion globally on business travel to circumvent this limitation. We believe Skofield is the answer […]

WorldViz Brings “Warehouse-Scale” Motion Tracking to an Array of VR Headsets via New Unreal and Unity Integrations

VR content developers using the Unreal Engine and Unity can now bring high-precision, wide-area motion tracking to businesses using Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Daydream VR and other VR Headsets

Unreal Engine PPT IntegrationMay 26, 2016 – Santa Barbara, CA – WorldViz has been bringing precision “warehouse-scale” motion tracking to VR professionals for over a decade with its Precision Position Tracking (PPT) system. This June, they will release an integration into the Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 5 that brings that same wide-area tracking capability to any
VR headset supported by those engines: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, Samsung Gear VR and now, Google’s Daydream VR.

Much has been said of seated and “room-scale” tracking. The WorldViz PPT system ups the ante, tracking up to 10 people or objects simultaneously across spaces measuring more than 50 x 50 meters with real-time, sub-millimeter accuracy. The hybrid optical-inertial system includes high-precision cameras that capture position data at 240Hz; lightweight sensors that can be affixed to headsets such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Daydream VR, or objects such as robots; a sensor “wand” for tracking hands; […]

“Are We Virtually Ready?”

WorldViz & Lenovo at GTC!

lenovo_logo_red-930x488Nokia vR Ready

The WorldViz team had an amazing time at this year’s version 2 screws-revisedGTC! We showed some of our co-presence demos,  featuring an Oculus Rift and HTC Vive interacting in the same virtual world. In one demo, users worked together to assemble a helicopter motor. In another, users participated in an architectural design walkthrough. All of WorldViz’s VR application were powered by Lenovo’s new “VR Ready ThinkStation“.  Lenovo’s ThinkStation P500, P710 and P910 and its NVIDIA Quadro-recommended configurations are best-in-class for the ultimate highest-performing VR experience.

The benefits of WorldViz’s professional VR solutions, coupled with the power and reliability of a Lenovo workstation, will bring professionals in more industries unprecedented performance to bring their workflow into a virtual environment. There are no limits to how virtual reality is changing the future of many professional industries.

“Oculus Rift, HTC Vive Play Nice In WorldViz Demo At GTC 2016”

“Lenovo Jumps into VR with Enterprise VR Ready System Touting Two $5,000 GPUs”

“Virtual Reality Companies: Top 20 VR Companies to Watch”

Nokia StarGazing VR Application at MWC 2016

Nokia DemoWe’re excited to finally be able to announce the details of a collaborative project between Nokia and WorldViz. Nokia just unveiled their revolutionary 5G wireless network at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona . How fast is Nokia’s new 5G network? It’s capable of 19.1 Gbps. This enables co-presence virtual reality applications with virtually zero latency. Nokia and WorldViz worked together to develop a beautiful stargazing VR application with 2 users interacting remotely to show off Nokia’s new 5g network.

The demo begins on the Nokia spaceship flying in the middle of the galaxy. A star constellation comes towards the users and floats in front of them. Each user begins to connect the stars and draw the constellation with glistening star dust. Once the drawing is complete, the constellation springs to life and soars back into the cosmos. The speed of Nokia’s network enables this collaborative drawing to happen in real time with zero latency.

The application will be added to the WorldViz demo launcher for you to try it yourself.

Visit to HTC Vive

I met with Foo Hoang, Senior UX Designer, last Friday at the HTC office in San Francisco. Foo showed me some of the exciting new VR content exclusive to the Vive. I asked him how he got into VR and why he chose to work on the Vive.

Foo said “I started at HTC before the start of the smartphone revolution. Here I am at another precipice, helping to bring virtual reality to the mainstream. With that comes the need to make interaction models that take advantage of the full space around the user, yet making it familiar and simple to understand. While it has been a challenging task, it has been exciting diving into this new world that WorldViz has been very much a part of and really being able to expand my understanding of the interaction that has been previously limited to a two dimensional screen. I’m really excited to see where this next phase of VR goes.”

I had the opportunity to try several games including Valve’s Aperture Robot Repair Demo based on the game Portal. In case you’re unfamiliar, Portal is a puzzle based game that takes place inside a futuristic factory where robots try to […]