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Video Tutorial Resources for WorldViz Software Users

worldviz helpAre you an active Vizard software user? Visit our video-based Help Center on the WorldViz YouTube page. It serves as a great supplement to the text-based resources we’ve made available for the Vizard user community.

WorldViz Help CenterThe WorldViz Help Center is a searchable playlist of all of our video tutorials for Vizard and PPT Studio. In an effort to provide more resources to our growing user community, we will be working to add videos to this playlist over the coming months.

Please let us know if you have a special video request!

“WorldViz introduces VizMove”

Press release announcing the world’s first out-of-the-box Virtual Reality Solution for the enterprise, VizMove, on BusinessWire and Bloomberg Business.

“Intel Funding Validates Virtual Reality Business”

VentureBeat: WorldViz Could Make Holodeck a Reality

VentureBeatIntel’s latest investment could make holodeck-like experiences a reality,” writes Dean Takahashi of VentureBeat about WorldViz. “Intel’s investment… speaks highly of WorldViz’s comprehensive approach to virtual reality, which I’ve witnessed firsthand.”

During his visit with WorldViz earlier this year, Dean experienced our Vizard software based immersive wide-area walking virtual reality tech: “It was so realistic that I almost lost my balance… These are pretty cool VR effects that go beyond what you normally see in the space.”

Venture Beat cites Digi-Capital’s projection that the Augmented/Virtual Reality market will burgeon to a $150 billion industry by 2020 and disrupt the mobile industry. WorldViz will be working with Intel to drive the worldwide surge of interest in virtual reality within professional industries like design visualization, architecture, and research.

Read the WorldViz press release on Intel Capital’s investment here.

“Intel’s Latest Investment Could Make Holodeck-like Experiences A Reality”

“Intel Makes Multimillion Dollar Investment in VR Enterprise Developer WorldViz”

WorldViz Raises Series A From Intel Capital

Intel Logo
 Intel Capital’s Investment Advances Virtual Reality for the Enterprise Market, Supports WorldViz’s Rapid Growth

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – Apri. 14, 2015 – WorldViz, the company that powers virtual reality, today announced that it has raised an undisclosed amount in Series A funding from Intel Capital, Intel’s global investment organization. The investment will be used to advance the development and distribution of WorldViz’s virtual reality applications for the enterprise.

“Intel’s commitment to WorldViz is a strong statement that the enterprise virtual reality market is poised for rapid expansion and WorldViz is positioned to capture this growth,” said Andy Beall, CEO of WorldViz. “Virtual reality in the enterprise will enable businesses to transform the way they communicate, design and train. With Intel’s long-standing history as a leader in enterprise computing we’re eager to begin this partnership and the next phase of our business growth.”

“Our investment in WorldViz is consistent with Intel’s strategy to advance natural computing experiences, including virtual reality technology,” said Gregory Bryant, vice president of Intel’s Client Computing Group and general manager of Desktop Client Platforms. “Enterprises have barely tapped the potential […]

WorldViz Brings VR to Tribeca Film Fest

Tribeca Film FestivalWorldViz at Tribeca Film FestivalWorldViz exposed filmmakers to fully immersive wide-area walking virtual reality this weekend at Tribeca Film Festival in New York. Many of them had only experienced seated VR before they stepped into the WorldViz exhibit area. As film directors begin to form ideas about how immersive VR will change filmic storytelling, WorldViz announces its new enterprise-class VizMove Walking VR solution, which is used for a broad range of applications including design review, architecture visualization, and research.

Professor Jeremy Bailenson, a leading VR researcher and the mastermind behind Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab, had asked WorldViz to demonstrate its cutting-edge VR solutions in support of his presentation at Tribeca Talks: Imagination. The VizMove Walking VR solution, which runs on the Vizard VR toolkit in combination with our PPT motion tracking system, and the Oculus Rift VR headset, provided festival-goers with the opportunity to walk (and fly) through immersive worlds. We hope our guests had as much fun as we did!

Most Promising VR at GDC 2015

Sixense STEM and Valve-HTC Vive Impress at GDC

GDC2015While the press was on the lookout for VR’s “killer app” at GDC 2015, the key game developer conference of the year, the WorldViz team was interested in promising technologies for use in enterprise VR.  We were again impressed with Sixense’s STEM system, a wireless tracked hand-controller. According to UPLOADVR, a community of VR enthusiasts we’ve sponsored in the past, Sixense is currently shipping its STEM developer kits to their sponsors.

Valve+HTC ViveClearly, the Valve-HTC Vive HMD system is making waves. It brings to the industry an emphasis on vertical field of view (dual portrait mounted WQHD screens) and a tracking technique that is rumored to be based on laser speckle. Both developments offer a fresh opportunity to expand the capabilities of applications for both consumer and professional virtual reality applications alike.

WorldViz’s R&D team carefully evaluates new VR devices against professional application quality standards. Once a device passes our testing stage, support for that device is then quickly added to

WorldViz Speaking Event: Enterprise VR App Development

Jeremy Sarchet, DeveloperJeremy Sarchet, WorldViz Software Developer, will speak about VR middleware at this year’s IEEE VR along with co-panelists Sebastian Kuntz of Middle VR and Yuval Boger of Sensics. The event will be held in Arles, France, March 23-27, and the panel discussion will be held at 8:30pm on Friday, March 27.

Mr. Sarchet has led WorldViz Virtual Reality projects with Lockheed Martin and Stanford VHIL. He previously spoke at SFVR about the advantages of Vizard’s dynamic workflow. Mr. Sarchet’s talk, entitled Vizard VR Toolkit: Rapid Development for Enterprise Applications, will center around sensibilities, recent advances, and the value of VR development tools from his perspective as a member of Vizard’s R&D team.

The IEEE Virtual Reality 2015 conference, which will be the 22nd of its kind, is the premier international conference and exhibition on Virtual Reality. Top experts from various VR-related fields will talk research, share insight, and show off their latest developments.