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Introducing VizBox: A Portable VR System for Professionals

We’ve been hearing from our customers for a while about the difficulties that come with setting up and transporting VR workstations.

We also had a problem ourselves – we have anawesome new virtual reality meeting and collaboration platform called Vizible, but not everyone we want to meet in VR has a system that we think does justice to the experience. We needed a system that was strong enough to ship to our clients and provided top-of-the line immersion, but was easy enough to use that a person new to VR could set it up easily.

At WorldViz, we have more than 15 years of experience designing VR hardware and software solutions, and a few months ago we put our heads together to see how we could address this problem.We came up with the WorldViz VizBox, a first-of-its-kind, patented, portable VR system for professionals. The VizBox delivers fully immersive 6DOF virtual reality content and is designed to be self-contained with minimal set-up. Housed completely inside a sturdy Pelican case, it’s robust enough for safe shipping and travel.

We’ve been putting VizBoxes to the test ourselves by shipping them to […]

Updates To Vizible: Parenting Assets, Copying Assets, New Avatars, And More

Vizible is our VR creation and collaboration tool that lets people easily create immersive VR experiences and experience them with people around the world for real time communication and collaboration in virtual reality. We’re making improvements to Vizible all the time, and this post highlights just a few of the recent updates. Want to try Vizible? Sign up here.

Parenting Assets

Now in the Vizible Presentation Designer you can create “parent-child” relationships between assets in your VR presentations. You can link assets to each other, making it easy for you to move, rotate, and scale them all at once. Also, when you create an animation or other behavior on the “parent” asset, it will flow through to the “children” assets as well. If you’re triggering an animation and want to raise four different window assets, you can use parenting so that you only need to animate one “parent” window, and not all four (so long as the others are set as children). Here’s a GIF of me parenting two 3D models together so that when I rotate one, it also rotates […]

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Celebrating 15 Successful Years in VR

This month, WorldViz celebrates its 15th year in virtual reality.

When we started, VR was barely an industry. Rather, it was a community of passionate individuals who believed that it could be used for a range of beneficial purposes, such as advancing scientific research, education, training, communication, and collaboration.

Back then, our belief superseded the available technology, so our team of innovators, PhDs, psychologists, computer scientists, and forward-thinking executives developed our own solutions. We took our skills learned in corporations, game companies, and government research agencies to create VR software and hardware that was focused on helping our customers achieve success.

We are extremely grateful to our customers who have accompanied us on our journey of innovation in VR. We’re shouting out a big thanks to Accenture, Boeing, Caterpillar, Lockheed Martin, MIT, NASA, Nokia, Perkins + Will, Suffolk Construction, Stanford University, Turner MRS, and to the countless others with whom we’ve had the pleasure to work.

In the past few years, the world of VR has exploded and we couldn’t be more thrilled. We’re now seeing what we always knew to be possible come to life. But the more things change, the more they remain the same. Our original vision for VR […]

Business Virtual Reality Will Drive VR Adoption

After the hype cools off in 2017, VR for industrial use, not consumer use, will drive VR adoption in 2018


One of the big tech questions on everyone’s minds for 2017 is — Will business VR surpass consumer VR? Fortune Magazine estimates that the VR market will be worth $150 billion within 4 years, and according to Nvidia: “VR is going to touch every industry from gaming to automotive to entertainment…” These estimations beg the bigger question: will it be consumers that drive growth in the use of VR, or will it be businesses? We believe it will be the latter.

As we move into 2017, businesses should be focusing on how to onboard and implement virtual reality applications so they’ll be well-positioned for the “lift off” phase in 2018. According to Forrester Research, “Companies are already putting some of their big budgets into VR. Starting next year, businesses will buy more mid-priced virtual reality gear than consumers will.” Why? Because they either choose to stay competitive or face being left behind when those new […]

Stanford Leverages WorldViz VR to Create Empathy

Stanford, one of WorldViz’s long-standing academic partners, is at the forefront of scientifically proving that virtual reality can change human behavior.

For over a decade, WorldViz has collaborated with Stanford on VR content creation, and equipped Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab (VHIL), with high-end virtual reality technologies and applications utilized in many of Stanford’s communications and social interaction research studies.

Today, we are excited to share Stanford’s most recent virtual reality simulation leveraging the transformational and educational powers of VR to spread awareness of the pressing issue of global climate change. Released today on Steam VR and Viveport, the VR Ocean Acidification Experience, a free science education tool, gives a visceral immersive experience of the science behind ocean acidification, taking the user on an interactive guided field trip of ocean life, substantiating what exactly is at stake. The VR app provides a unique opportunity for people around the world to gain empathic understanding of ocean conservation and be inspired to take action toward prevention.

“WorldViz has played a central role in this endeavor” explains Professor Jeremy Bailenson, […]

Webinar: Emerging Role of VR/AR technologies at Job Sites

ProcoreWebinarVRARWorldViz’s CEO, Andrew Beall, spoke at a webinar Tuesday October 4th hosted by Procore with long time WorldViz partners/customers Martin Bros’ Cody Nowak & Turner Medical & Research Solutions’ Russ Alford. The conversation focused on the increasing value VR/AR technologies bring to job sites and the growing need to embrace and leverage these tools in a rapidly advancing industry.

Take a look at the full recording to learn more about the emerging role of VR/AR technologies in the construction industry.

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