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Virtual Reality and Interpersonal Skills Training – a Guest Post from VRIST

At WorldViz, we’re deeply involved in VR for training. We want to highlight the work of one of our partners working on training solutions: VRIST (Virtual Reality Interpersonal Training). VRIST creates VR tools for “soft-skills” training with the help of WorldViz software. This guest post from VRIST lets them describe two of their new products and why they think VR is poised to transform this space.

VRIST – Virtual Reality Interpersonal Skills Training

Do you want your collaborators, managers and leaders to be more persuasive? To give off a better first impression? To be more convincing or impactful in social interactions? To be less stressed in social evaluation situations? To handle difficult social interactions with serenity? To communicate more efficiently? If so, it’s time to consider Virtual Reality for training.

VR provides life-like environments for people to practice a wide variety of interpersonal skills. There’s been a lot of attention recently on “hard-skills” VR training such as manufacturing procedures or equipment repair, but we think VR is poised to transform “soft-skills” training as well.

Traditionally, interpersonal skills training involves role-play with other people. VRIST offers a completely new way of training in which the training partners are virtual humans who are […]

The Forgotten Revolution: Virtual Reality Projection

In the Virtual Reality world, the talk of the town right now is about Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs). HMDs – or some say 3D headsets – are fantastic for certain use cases, but technology developments have made 3D projection-based virtual reality systems incredibly affordable and easy to implement. While not getting lots of attention, this forgotten revolution is worth exploring for anyone interested in immersive technology.

HMDs: Strengths and Limitations

First, though, a bit more about HMDs, their strengths – and their limitations, many of which highlight the strengths of VR projection systems. HMDs are uniquely capable of transporting users to different places and making people feel as if they are “right there” or even sharing the space with others. HMDs allow users to block out any perception of the real world and give a reasonably wide field of view that allows users to look through the HMD into the virtual world, similar to how a diver looks through a dive mask when exploring underwater realities.

There’s a big difference between the diver and the HMD user though. For one, the diver can still see her real […]

November Tech Tip: Recording & Embedding Avatars In VR Presentations with Vizible

At WorldViz, we make tools that help a wide variety of professionals create immersive VR experiences that can be experienced collaboratively. Our VR collaboration solution Vizible (try it here), has a unique feature that we want to highlight in this post: avatar recording.



Avatar recording gives you the ability to record your avatar’s movements, gestures, actions, and voice. Then you can embed that recording inside of your Vizible presentation. Before we get into the how, first let’s explore the why. There are lots of possible use cases for this feature.

The Why

The obvious one: you could record yourself as an avatar as you explain particular aspects of the 3D models or 360 photos/videos in the scene. Since the recording includes your gestures and interactions with the scene, you could be explaining a model as you interact with it. You could have it in your hands and rotate it, or point your laser pointer anywhere in the environment as you talk. Then, when anyone views that Vizible presentation, they’ll see your avatar recording exactly as you’ve recorded it – voice, gestures, laser pointer, drawings, […]

October Tech Tip: Bringing Spherical Videos Into Vizible VR Presentations

WorldViz is creating a next-generation VR creation and collaboration solution, Vizible. If you’d like to apply for the beta and try it today, you can sign up here.

When designing 3D/VR environments, we think you should be able to bring a wide array of content into your creations. In our Vizible Presentation Designer, you can import 3D models, images, videos, pdfs, and more. Once you’ve created your presentation, you can hold meetings inside of it from VR or a desktop. This blog post will focus on one kind of content you can import into the Vizible Presentation Designer: spherical 360 degree videos. We’ll also show you how to bring this content into your Vizible presentations and how it looks once inside.

First – why use spherical videos? For one, they create a much more immersive experience over 2D videos, since viewers can freely look around and experience the video in a more life-like way. There are some spherical videos you can find online, but to create your own you’ll need a 360 degree camera. The cost of these cameras is going down rapidly, and we’ve seen cameras that capture great spherical videos […]

3 Factors for Maximizing the Value of your Virtual Reality Project

As businesses are ready to adopt virtual reality – and are diving deep into VR project implementation – there are some key factors to consider for successful deployment.

Successful Enterprise VR Deployment

With over 15 years of experience in helping Fortune 500 companies across several industries to make VR a success, we have identified three crucial factors for profitable VR deployment in enterprises.

1. Think About the Problem VR is Going to Solve

Start by deciding exactly how you plan to use virtual reality and how it will fit into your processes. Focus on the people who will use the VR solution and determine exactly what they want it to deliver.

For sales and marketing purposes, VR helps you present products to your prospects – giving them the opportunity to experience the product before buying it without the need for physical travel. This strengthens customer relations and satisfaction.

For design collaboration, VR brings stakeholders on board and communicates development goals clearly. This can reduce friction and change orders down the line.

For academia, VR improves experimental setups and help gather results on a larger scale while being in full control of the setup. This is specifically valuable for delivering clean scientific data, which can leapfrog your […]

“WorldViz eyes enterprise VR as the next step in collaboration”

Interview: Why VR is “Transforming the World of Business”

Thank you Jeff Haden for this great interview with WorldViz CEO Andrew Beall about why Virtual Reality is “transforming the world of business.”

Author: Jeff Haden, published on LinkedIn, September 21, 2017

Forget Mobile Phones: VR Will Be the Next Great Connectivity and Collaboration Platform

Listen to the hype and it seems like every new technology will someday transform the world of business.

And then there are the technologies that already are transforming the world of business.

Virtual Reality is one of those technologies. While uses in gaming and entertainment tend to draw the most attention, use of VR in enterprises – and in small businesses, too – will change the way companies design products, collaborate, conduct training…

A company at the forefront of VR business use is WorldViz, provider of turnkey interactive visualization and simulation solutions. These include systems for platform and application development, motion tracking, design, and scalable software and hardware solutions.

Intel Capital made it possible for me to speak with WorldViz co-founder and CEO/CTO Andrew Beall about how Virtual Reality will help transform the way large and small companies do business.

Unless I’m wrong, you’ve gone from almost a provider of sophisticated tools to a very customer-facing company.

That’s partly true. We’re now fifteen years into […]

September Tech Tip: Skydomes and the Background Map Export Setting

Ever wondered how to achieve that perfect view out of your virtual windows? Read this article in our knowledge base to learn more about Skydomes, where to find them/how to create them and how the OSG exporter can help you to get the best out of your virtual backgrounds. This TechTip is applicable to both of our software platforms Vizard and Vizible.




Best of Siggraph 2017

Missed Siggraph 2017? Don’t worry we’re here to fill you in on some highlights.

Vizible Debut

This year we announced the launch of Vizible, our cloud-based VR communication solution for sales professionals. Press and select few customers were able to experience the impact Vizible has on B2B communication first hand.

Want even more of an inside scoop? WorldViz CEO and Co-Founder, Andrew Beall gave an exclusive interview about Vizible to Steve Sievers from Bionic Buzz.

Want to try Vizible for yourself? Contact our sales team or sign up for beta.

New Hits

We’ve experienced some overarching themes this year at Siggraph. As we are getting used to virtual reality, there are certain things starting to stick out.

It’s About the Feeling

Haptic feedback was one of the most shown features inside the VR Village. To name a few:

  • Hapbeat’s “wearable body speaker” – a device that brings music listening to a whole new level
  • Cornell University’s Organic Robotic lab introduced “Omnipulse” – a soft rubber sleeve for the HTC Vive controllers simulating kinesthetic feedback
  • Immersion Research’s “Touch Hologram Mid-Air” – a device colocating visual and sensorial feedback in holograms

New Prospects for the Future

Other highlights […]

Business Just Got a Lot Easier

Vizible is our new VR sales communication platform that will forever change the way your clients view your product, help you collaborate remotely with anyone anywhere on the planet, and avoid costly mistakes before they happen.

Learn about our clients’ first-hand experiences using Vizible. Watch our full testimonial video and read more about our clients’ specific use cases:

Interested in trying Vizible for yourself? Contact us or sign up for beta.

“Vizible has been a game changer for us”

– Russ Alford, General Manager, Turner MRS

Turner Medical and Research Solutions (MRS) provides a range of enterprise level medical research solutions, guaranteed to deliver high quality patient care. With Vizible, MRS is able to fully immerse their clients in virtual environments providing an experience unlike any other. The ability to virtually step into a physical space and interact with to-scale surroundings has made such an impact that MRS now uses Vizible in every single project proposal.

Not only does Vizible revolutionize sales communication, it also reduces costs associated with physical mockups, travel, and errors in the planning process. Being able to visualize their end product from the very first stages of production has been a major key to success for Turner MRS.

“[Vizible] […]