LOC Meth Lab TrainingThe WorldViz VR system at Methodist University in Fayetteville, North Carolina, has become a model example of cross-disciplinary and community-wide use of VR technologies. Dr. Deborah Branson, the Director and Chair of the Environmental and Occupational Management Program at Methodist, is specifically interested in using the immersive virtual reality lab for many types of research: occupational safety, training for safely navigating clandestine lab settings, and for geographic information system (GIS) development.

LOC Meth Lab TrainingBut Dr. Branson also makes the WorldViz VR system available for a variety of community-based extracurricular programs. STEM camps use the VR system to educate kids. Volunteer guardians ad litem and professional social workers use the virtual reality system to learn how to work within unfamiliar and high-risk environments like violent households or drug dens. Health and computer science classes from a nearby community college use the immersive virtual reality system, too. Even the local Pine Forest High School has launched a project in which computer science students use Vizard to design immersive virtual walk-throughs of their high school facilities.

The WorldViz team is pleased to see VR systems impact a community in so many positive ways. If you want to share your own story about the benefits WorldViz virtual reality brings to the world around you, contact us about it!