Australian TV personality Todd Sampson is a man of many talents: he’s climbed Mount Everest, has hosted television shows, and co-created the Earth Hour Initiative. But he also has a fear of heights. How does one overcome a fear of heights? Todd Sampson figured with a WorldViz virtual reality system.

To film the most recent episode of Hack My Brain (in Australia it’s called Redesign My Brain), Sampson and his film team travelled to the WorldViz Tech Lab to experience and film various immersive Vizard demos, including our ‘walk the plank’ demo. Below is a clip in which we test Todd’s physiological reactions to various virtual stimuli using BIOPAC’s aLIAS system:

See the full video of Todd in our tech lab on the Redesign My Brain website. The episode already aired in Australia and will air in the US on the Discovery channel around the beginning of fall. We’ll keep you updated!