Wide-area motion tracking. Multi-user VR collaboration. Rapid application development.

To us, these three elements are central to an immersion-ready VR system for professionals, based on our experience with Fortune 500 clients and top research institutions. Our new VizMove VR systems capture these elements and wrap them into a soup-to-nuts solution for the enterprise and academia. Here is why professional applications require an immersion-ready system:

Vmove_walkingvr-e1428693697346Collaborative Virtual EnvironmentRapid Application Development

Wide Area Motion Tracking: Empowers architects, product manufacturers, and researchers to roam around freely in virtual space and interact with large objects such as airplanes, construction projects or industrial manufacturing spaces; with motion tracking beyond 10 x 10 meters or more, users get a full sense of size and scale, can perform tasks in a realistic fashion, and experience a true sense of presence.

Multi-User VR Collaboration: The ability to host multiple users for virtual interaction and communication across local or remote networks in real-time for mission critical tasks like design review, virtual training, ergonomic inspection, and collaborative oversight is a must for many enterprise applications.

Rapid Application Development (RAD): Having access to efficient RAD tools for developing and rendering VR applications that can be modified instantly across a wide range of parameters has been a central tenant of the Vizard VR software platform, which sits at the heart of each one of our VizMove VR systems.

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