Real time bidirectional communication between Vizard and a web browser is supported through vizhtml and WebSockets. This feature can be used to turn a web page into a control panel that interacts with a Vizard script. Any device that runs a major web browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari) can be used to send and receive data through a web page.

Some common applications for vizhml include:

  • Monitoring the Vizard simulation and receiving data in real time.
  • Controlling aspects of the Vizard simulation.
  • Sending feedback or instructions to the user.
  • Turning a phone or tablet into an input device. For example, to allow the user to navigate an environment or make menu selections.

To try this out yourself, download and install Vizard 5, and then navigate to the built-in sample script by going to File > Quick Open and type htmlwebsocket.