VizMove Seated VR System

Compact, scalable virtual reality built for new adopters.


    • Create realistic virtual reality environments with pre-configured hardware and software.
    • Scale your system with third party peripherals, additional tracking space, collaborative virtual environments, and more.
    • Experience economical, robust, and entirely portable virtual reality.
    • Rely on the best in customer support.
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Seated VR


Rapidly develop and deploy even the most complex virtual reality applications with included software.


Intuitively interact and navigate with gamepad or other third party devices.


Look anywhere, navigate freely within your virtual environment with integrated gamepad and headset.


Take your virtual reality system anywhere in a compact travel case. 


Expand your interaction with third-party devices or upgrade to a larger VizMove VR system.

VizMove Seated VR is ready for immediate virtual immersion

    • Eliminate the guess-work of configuring hardware. Launch your virtual reality system with a few clicks of the mouse.
    • Efficiently design your own virtual reality environment with Vizard, our premier software designed for rapid application development.
    • Master virtual reality in minutes using the included collection of example applications and demos.
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"WorldViz virtual reality is an important tool that has supported my research and published works for the last decade."
“WorldViz Virtual Reality technology has enabled me to control and standardize social interactions between a study participant and an avatar so that my empirical results are less noisy - all without compromising ecological validity.”
"The virtual construction is a huge success. It's very exciting. It's an opportunity to make building construction more efficient, for sure."
"With the WorldViz technology we had amazing results. Now our clients feel satisfied only when their projects have been fully tested, lived, and experienced in virtual reality before we break ground.”
"HKS engaged the services of WorldViz to assist a client in visualizing a very complex interior environment in three dimensions. The system WorldViz has is fantastic, very easy to navigate and is a great tool to see and experience the project before it is built."