VizMove Standing VR System

Fully tracked, compact and scalable virtual reality.


    • Create realistic virtual reality environments with pre-configured hardware and software.
    • Move freely and interact within your environment.
    • Take your system on the go with portable, easy-setup components.
    • Rely on the best in customer support.
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Standing VR


Rapidly develop and deploy even the most complex virtual reality applications with included software.


Intuitively interact and navigate with wireless, ergonomic controller.


Move freely through your virtual world with high-precision tracking for both head and hands.


Harness the power of seamless virtual reality rendering with cutting-edge VR components.


Take your virtual reality system anywhere in a compact travel case.

VizMove Standing VR lets you get started immediately

    • Eliminate the guess-work of configuring hardware. Launch your virtual reality system with a few clicks of the mouse.
    • Design your own virtual reality environment with efficiency using Vizard, our premier software designed for rapid application development.
    • Master Standing VR in minutes using its extensive collection of example applications and demos.
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"We at The ANT Group are enjoying working with WorldViz on applications in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industries. The Architecture Interactive tool that WorldViz provides has proven to be very powerful and the ANT Group sees its place in the future of this industry."
  • “We worked directly with WorldViz to customize a relatively complex interactive model. WorldViz was always responsive and professional - willing to go the extra mile. The final product and their on-site setup was exceptional. "
    "Jeremy's talk at SFVR was an insightful look into his development practices using WorldViz technology. He provided an interesting overview of his workflow using Vizard, and also shared the mathematical techniques required to achieve his goals."
  • "We chose the WorldViz product for several reasons. First it was a proven technology, having been in use in other highly respected research groups. Second, it had a lower cost than its competitors."
  • "WorldViz equipped us with a zero footprint CornerCavern projection system that fit my research team's specific needs."