When the team at On Track Themes was given the task of designing the interior of a capsule for a theme park ride, they jumped on the opportunity to visualize multiple different design alternates in real-time, at full scale.  On Track Themes and WorldViz worked together to create 3D models for a few different seating alternates and proceeded to immerse the owners in the different designs. In a matter of an hour, a hard decision was made on the layout of the interior of the amusement ride, based on line of sight issues, seat orientation, and user experience; all thanks to the immersive WorldViz mock-up.

For this application, the WorldViz team placed physical seats at heights corresponding to the seat height in the virtual model and at the exact location of the seats in the virtual model.  Doing so allowed the owners to sit in a physical chair and experience the view that a customer would experience in the completed ride.

Since this 1st phase in 2010, On Track Themes and WorldViz’s team have completed a handful of additional VR mock-ups for the high-end entertainment industry.

On Track Themes and our clients have benefited greatly from our relationship with WorldViz. Their solutions help all of us see dreams become reality. Externally, we use these cutting edge tools to help end users understand our designs. Internally, we have saved time and money studying complex geometry and adjusting for best results.

– Mark Thomas, Founder On Track Themes