Multiscreen Projection

What is it?

A cubical, room-sized fully immersive visualization system. The walls of the room are made up of rear-projection screens. High-resolution projectors display images on each of the screens. The user goes inside of the system wearing shutter/polarizer glasses to allow for stereoscopic viewing. The WorldViz Eyes 2013 device mounted on the glasses allows for precise real-time tracking of your viewpoint. Using the WorldViz Wand 2013 you navigate through the virtual environment and interact with virtual objects displayed on the screens. The screen images are rendered by a PC cluster controlled by the WorldViz Vizard VR toolkit high-level cluster module.


  • Analyze and interpret spatially related data efficiently
  • Multiple users can get immersed and naturally collaborate
  • Complete sense of presence in the virtual environment
  • No heavy headgear needed, no tethering wires


  • Significant dedicated space requirements (specifically for six-sided version)
  • Hardware intensive (projectors, screens, PC cluster)
  • Limited walking space compared to wide-area HMD walking system

What can I do with it?

  • Industrial prototyping
  • Manufacturing and design reviews
  • Academic research
  • Seismic interpretation and well planning
  • Computational fluid dynamics
CornerCavern IADT

Example Components

Note: Below component selection is an example only and does not imply that WorldViz prefers certain 3rd party hardware vendors over others. WorldViz technology is compatible with all common VR hardware products.

Vizard 3D toolkit software platform Enterprise Edition
Everything you need to build and render interactive 3D content. Includes a simple to use high-level module for handling multi-wall setups. More info on our Vizard VR software toolkit pages.

PPT E4 high-speed motion tracking system
Seamlessly integrates with multi-wall projection systems. Precisely tracks your viewpoint via Eyes 2013 add-on. Intuitively navigate through immersive environments and interact with objects using the Wand 2013. More info on our PPT pages.

Christie CAVE™ – Cave Automatic Virtual Environment solution
A room-size visualization solution that multiple users can use to share the same experience. Users become immersed in the same virtual environment at the same time – enhancing teamwork, discovery and decision making.

Dell server CPU cluster with nVidia Quadro graphics
WorldViz custom configured workstation. Optimal Graphics, RAM and CPU combo for demanding real-time apps.

Maintenance and support
Choose our Gold support contract and minimize lost time by having experienced WorldViz support engineers help you solve your problem during extended business hours.

Installation and training
Onsite setup-service by WorldViz expert engineers. Jumpstart your team by hiring us for initial virtual reality training.

Compatible Accessories
Stereo Glasses Tracking WorldViz Eyes 2013 (wireless) accurately tracks user viewpoint. Mountable on all standard shutter/polarizer glasses
Hand Navigation & Interaction WorldViz Wand 2013 is an intuitive wireless interface for navigation through virtual environments and interacting with 3D objects
Data Gloves / Haptic Gloves CyberGlove II
5DT Dataglove 5, Dataglove 16
Characters/Animals Vizard Complete Characters
Vizard Compete Soldiers
Vizard Complete Animals
Real-Time Avatar Interaction WorldViz Live Characters software plug-in for real-time human animation and interaction in virtual space by MotionBuilder ™ supported motion capture systems