A Low Cost VR Development Kit

Wirks brings affordable virtual reality to the hands – and heads – of everyone by combining the best of Sony HMD, Kinect motion sensor, and Vizard VR software toolkit.

Starting at only $4,490 – includes hardware, development tools, fun apps & training!


  • Unleash Kinect and experience interactive 3D fully immersive as only head-mounted displays can provide
  • Design and build your own Kinect applications for everything from scientific research to entertainment & architectural exploration using Vizard’s straightforward development environment
  • Contact us if you’re interested in redistributing your Wirks apps. With Vizard Enterprise, it’s free!
  • Lightweight, wide-angle, high resolution 3D head-mounted display
  • Natural gesture sensing for enhanced interaction with head, hands, and feet of one or multiple users
  • Rapid app development with powerful software toolkit Vizard
  • Extend apps to any of the numerous devices already supported by Vizard
App Starter Kit
  • Balloon Pop
    Balloon Pop
  • Handball
  • Cruise Control
    Cruise Control
  • The Pit
    The Pit
Sony HMD

Lightweight, comfortable, and high visual fidelity, this head-mounted display provide a rich view into virtual worlds.

Kinect Sensor

Full body interaction without controllers. The Kinect captures the motion of your head, hands, and feet, and that lets you step right into a virtual world.


The glue that pulls it all together, Vizard Virtual Reality Software is the established toolkit for putting interactive world design in the hands of both novices and experts alike.

SEE | Sony HMZ-T2 Head-Mounted Display

  • OLED display technology
  • 51.6 degrees diagonal field of view
  • 1280 x 720 pixels per eye
  • Supports HDMI 1.4 3D standards
  • 420 grams weight

INTERACT | Microsoft Kinect Motion Sensor

  • Best in class webcam-style body tracking
  • Additional inertial motion sensor with magnetometers, gyroscopes &  accelerometers. Integrated with HMZ-T2. Interfaces to USB on your rendering computer

CREATE | Vizard WIRKS Edition

  • Brings you all the features of the renowned Vizard VR Toolkit Development Edition but with a small watermark displayed in the screen corner
  • App starter kit including full source code and 3D art files to four fun and instructive sample projects: Handball, Acrophobia, Bubble Popper, and Racer

Minimum System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 7, 32 or 64 bit
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Hard disk: 500 MB free
  • Graphics adapter: nVidia GeForce 9 series or better; or ATI Radeon HD 4000 or better. Adapter must support HDMI connections
  • USB: two available 2.0 ports
  • Note: in some cases USB 3.0 ports can cause incompatibilities

User Guide

Wirks User Guide

Who Should Use Wirks

  • Scientists who want to empower many students at a time to create and run VR experiments
  • Manufacturers interested in deploying training applications across many locations
  • Architects who want to show their customers designs in the most impressive fashion possible today


All hardware includes manufacturer’s 12 months warranty. Vizard VR Toolkit comes with three months setup support which can be extended to a full, yearly support contract at the time of purchase. We’ve got you covered when it comes to all things virtual. Feel free to give us a call: (+1) 888-841-3416