Tilburg VR

Up to 20 students at a time can now experience immersive VR in Tilburg University’s new 25 square-meter, 4-wall VizMove Projection VR System.

Thanks to the discussion between researchers at Tilburg University and WorldViz, mixed reality can now be taken to the next level in partnerships, research, as well as education using this holodeck.
Max Louwese, Professor of Cognitive Psychology and Artificial Intelligence

After receiving a philanthropic donation, the Netherlands university approved a plan to install a virtual reality lab — the DAF Technology Lab — on its campus. WorldViz engineers designed a special Projection VR system, which boasts 8 short-throw stereoscopic projectors, a powerful rendering unit, and is in the process of implementing various peripheral devices including eye-tracking, EEG sensors, social signal processing, and an 8-sensor PPT motion tracking setup. It may seem strange, but “The Flying Classroom” is a surprisingly apt name — it is a four-walled enclosed system designed to allow up to 20 students to experience immersive scenarios, like tours through models of neurological structures, simulations of courtroom scenes or board room meetings, or virtual training lessons for medical students. The lab is being used for academic research in areas as diverse as social signal processing, embodied cognition, identity management, communication, medical informatics, immersive training, and gaming. Professor Louwerse expects the lab will help scientists to better understand human-to-human as well as human-computer interfacing. The lab’s facilities will also foster corporate partnerships in one of the most innovative regions in the world.