Build fully immersive 3D models to accelerate team collaboration, client communication and time to market.

WorldViz gives professionals in the architecture, engineering and construction industry the ability to literally walk through their models at full scale. Our solutions facilitate more effective communication with clients and increased collaboration across teams, ultimately reducing design costs and shortening time to market.

Visualize and experience your plans before construction begins

    • Demonstrate your designs in vivid virtual detail, enabling clients to understand and experience their value.
    • Collaborate with multiple users to make earlier and better informed decisions.
    • Easily import BIM and CAD files to experience 3D models at full scale.
    • Reduce mockup costs by 90% when using virtual mockups over physical mockups.
    • Precise motion tracking provides natural and immersive experience.
    • Switch between design alternatives and multiple environments in real time.
Construction Scaffolding, Los Angeles

VR Brings Reality To Design

Discover what your projects have been missing.

Whether you’re building an operating room, a corporate office or a theme park, our virtual reality development software Vizard enables you to create a customized 3D environment with little programming experience. Don’t want to do the leg work yourself? Utilize our world-class team of 3D modelers and developers to help you build your virtual model.

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We spoke with representatives from Skanska, Perkins+Will, and HCA Healthcare Architects about how the use of WorldViz Virtual Reality solutions have catalyzed a new way of solving design and construction problems.

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