Revolutionize medical training and treatment.

Our customers are creating the future of healthcare and medicine by deploying virtual reality solutions from surgery simulations and medical training to psychological treatment and patient care experiences.

Enhance communication, training and therapy with cost-effective solutions.

    • Present design and building projects to doctors, nurses and staff and obtain valuable feedback, even before construction begins.
    • Utilize virtual reality exposure therapy in combination with biofeedback to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions (phobias, substance addiction, skills development, PTSD, anxiety disorders and more).
    • Take medical lab and equipment design review to the next level.
    • Perform advanced surgical training with no risk.

Discover what your organization has been missing.

At WorldViz, we believe that virtual reality can add value to nearly every application in the healthcare industry.  Our virtual reality development platform, Vizard, enables professionals to create highly interactive real-time applications with minimal scripting. The best way to experience these applications is with VizMove, our fully integrated VR system.
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Our technology supported the design and construction of Miami Children’s Hospital.