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“WorldViz eyes enterprise VR as the next step in collaboration”

Matthew Finnegan for Computerworld: "Though virtual and augmented reality have largely been seen as consumer-focused, there are growing indications the technology could quickly gain traction in the enterprise."

“Democratizing VR Collaboration: A Conversation with WorldViz”

ARtillry: "One of VR’s killer apps will be be social interaction — just ask Facebook. And the enterprise version of that principle is collaboration (think: design, maintenance, sales). This is where Santa Barbara-based WorldViz hangs its hat."

“WorldViz unveils new virtual reality collaboration software”

Randall Newton Managing Editor of GraphicSpeak: "Vizible is a clever, well thought through program for a first iteration. As hardware matures it could do well in the market. The obvious uses are product reviews, client showings of new architecture or a real estate walk-through, and other uses where the goal is to share and review. It also brings a new twist to the use of PowerPoint or other office software, by sharing screens in the virtual environment."    

“WorldViz’s Vizible Brings VR To Corporate Sales Forces”

Kevin Carbotte at Tom's Hardware: "So far, VR is mostly used for entertainment in the consumer space, but some companies are starting to bring VR to the corporate world. [...] WorldViz revealed a VR solution that could help corporate sales teams communicate their products' capabilities to their clients."

“WorldViz Unveils VR System For Virtual Business Meetings”

Rebecca Hills-Duty for VR Focus: "Vizible will be primarily targeted at sales professionals and will operate as a combination of VOIP communication platform, along with offering the ability to share virtual models, pictures and virtual mock-ups."

“WorldViz set to launch VR communication tool Vizible”

Greg Corke of Develop 3D: "[...] the technology is primarily being targeted at sales professionals [...] However, it can also be used for remote collaboration, design review with distributed teams, and product training."

“WorldViz solution transports meetings into the virtual realm”

Zoe Mutter for AV Magazine: "The product brings VR to sales teams looking for new, cost-effective and more immersive methods for communicating complex ideas to prospects and clients. [...] Little to no technical expertise is necessary to create and experience VR content using Vizible."

“Prelude to SIGGRAPH 2017: Your Account Representative Will Meet You in VR”

Virtual Desktop: "[...] teleporting yourself into a virtual conference room with your boss, colleagues, or client is just as easy as speaking to them via WebEx or GoToMeeting."

“WorldViz VR solutions help university research”

David Kariuki for Hypergrid Business: "WorldViz virtual reality solutions are being used in a variety of ways in learning institutions, from enhancing virtual learning and collaboration, boosting academic research, studying human and behavioral interactions, to enhancing student language and culture."

“Virtual Reality Gives Job Candidates a Vivid Big Picture”

Steve Bates at Society for Human Resource Management: "VR has found a variety of niches in HR—from training to diversity and inclusion programs to talent acquisition. [...] "The thing with VR is that you can't escape it" once you put on the headset, said Peter Schlueer, president and co-founder of VR products and solutions firm WorldViz in Santa Barbara, Calif."