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“AR and VR now within reach”

InAVate says: "We spoke to a range of those involved in AR and VR and the mood, encapsulated by Peter Schlueer, co-founder and president of WorldViz, a VR software and hardware provider, was upbeat."

“Neil’s Messy Basement: Leia 3D, Worldviz at SIGGRAPH 2016”

Neil Schneider interviews Head of Cinematics for Leia 3D, a holographic smartphone display maker, and CEO of Worldviz at SIGGRAPH 2016.

WorldViz Earns Computer Graphics World “Best of Show” Silver Edge Award at SIGGRAPH 2016

We’re thrilled to announce that WorldViz was selected by Computer Graphics World’s “SIGGRAPH 2016 Best of Show” designation for enabling multi-platform use of VR across multiple systems including the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive through its VizConnect software. VizConnect offers a really simple, WYSIWYG method to connect a huge number of VR devices so that you’re not limited to only using certain headsets with certain motion trackers, for example. It’s the glue that holds heterogeneous VR environments together. We had a great show! Thanks to Computer Graphics World for the recognition, and congrats to the other winners, among them NVIDIA, AMD, Pixar, The Foundry, Autodesk, and Meta.

“Virtual reality – a revolution in more than name”

MCV: "Companies such as WorldViz, for instance, have been working on VR solutions across a wide number of sectors for over a decade."

“2020 Competitor Analysis for Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality in Healthcare Market”

mynewsdesk: "This report gives an in-depth segmentation of the market by product types like spatial AR, Vision AR, semi-immersive VR, and fully-immersive VR."  

“WorldViz creates ‘warehouse-scale’ motion-tracking for VR headsets”

VentureBeat: "Enterprise VR company WorldViz is going a step further, allowing users to walk around in a space the size of a warehouse and still be tracked by a motion-sensing system for VR."

“If you have a VR headset and an empty warehouse, it’s your lucky day”

The Verge: "One of the companies that fills this niche: we shouldn't forget that architecture firms, construction companies, and research institutions are way more hardcore than you!"

“Unity, Unreal Engine Plugins Coming To WorldViz ‘Warehouse-Scale’ Tracking System”

Tom's Hardware: "Integration with mainstream engines allows for consumer-grade VR HMDs to be used with WorldViz’s “warehouse-scale” positional tracking system."

“WorldViz brings “warehouse-scale” Virtual Reality to Unreal and Unity engines”

Develop3D: “Professional VR applications: WorldViz announces Unity 3D and Unreal Engine 4 integration for warehouse-scale motion tracking”

“WorldViz Laughs Off Room-Scale VR, Introduces ‘Warehouse-Scale’ for Unreal & Unity”

UploadVR: "Why stop at room-scale tracking? WorldViz announces Unity 3D and Unreal Engine 4 integration for warehouse-scale motion tracking"