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The Top 13 Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality Startups To Watch

CB Insights mentions us among some respectable names in the VR/AR world, including Blippar, Virtuix, and Altspace.

“WorldViz introduces VizMove”

Press release announcing the world’s first out-of-the-box Virtual Reality Solution for the enterprise, VizMove, on BusinessWire and Bloomberg Business.

“Intel Funding Validates Virtual Reality Business”

Erika Martin of the Pacific Coast Business Times writes of the splash the investment we secured from Intel has made in the business world.

“Intel’s Latest Investment Could Make Holodeck-like Experiences A Reality”

Dean Takahashi of VentureBeat writes of his experiences in our VR Tech Lab and places bets that if any company is going to recreate the Holodeck of Star Trek fame, it will be WorldViz

“Intel Makes Multimillion Dollar Investment in VR Enterprise Developer WorldViz”

Ben Lang of RoadtoVR, an influential blog in the underground VR space, comments on Intel's investment in us and discusses some of our plans for the future.

“CornerCavern – Have Fun with 3D Interactive Experience”

Augmented Reality Trends reviews our CornerCavern, highlighting that it's economic, interactive, and modular.

“WorldViz: The Original VR Company”

Builtr profiles WorldViz in more detail in an exclusive article about our background and decision to target the AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) industry with specific Virtual Reality solutions and products.

“Reality Extensions in AEC”

AEC Magazine takes a look at AR/VR's potential to hugely benefit the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry. WorldViz is listed in the article's "roundup" of the main players currently providing AR/VR technology and solutions to the AEC industry.

“Who’s Doing Cool Stuff? WorldViz”

Mark Sylvester of 805 Connect, a Santa Barbara local blog site, profiles WorldViz and explains that our technology is developed to "help people and businesses to understand information better, to truly interact with 3D graphics, and to foster communication between designers, engineers, and management teams."

“The Many Magical Uses of VR”

Builtr, an AEC industry news site, takes a look at some of the various industries that are adopting VR technology and quotes WorldViz and Architecture Interactive's very own Zach Goepel.