The world’s first professional VR product line.

Everything you need to design and experience interactive virtual reality.

    • Quickly build and experience the perfect virtual reality environment with the industry’s only complete hardware and software solution.
    • From seated VR to wide-area walking systems, VizMove easily and cost-effectively scales to your VR requirements.
    • Discover how easy it is to design, deploy, and modify your own 3D content using Vizard, the premier virtual reality development platform included with VizMove.
Seated VR Standing VR Walking VR Projection VR

VizMove Projection VR

Interactive, virtual experiences for large audiences

    • Deliver high-end visuals with state-of-the-art 3D projection systems.
    • Collaborate with multi-user environments to share data, designs, and virtual experiences.
    • Rapidly develop and set up even the most complex virtual reality environments using Vizard, a premier virtual reality development platform included in VizMove.
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VizMove Walking VR


Immersive VR with wide-area walking

    • Experience a virtual reality environment with freedom of movement using a state-of-the-art VR Headset.
    • Easily setup pre-configured system for immediate immersion in a complete, preconfigured wide-area-walking system.
    • Design your own virtual reality environment with the Vizard virtual reality development platform, included in VizMove.
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“We worked directly with WorldViz to customize a relatively complex interactive model. WorldViz was always responsive and professional - willing to go the extra mile. The final product and their on-site setup was exceptional. "
"Jeremy's talk at SFVR was an insightful look into his development practices using WorldViz technology. He provided an interesting overview of his workflow using Vizard, and also shared the mathematical techniques required to achieve his goals."
  • "WorldViz helped us to make the impossible possible. We were presented with a great opportunity to share with the leadership at the Veteran’s Administration what an evidence-based design, patient-centered room might look like but the realities of cost and time meant that it was an opportunity we were likely going to have to pass up."
    "Vizard 5 by WorldViz is filled with great features and improvements. The engine is quick, the workflows straightforward, and the WorldViz team’s support is second to none. Our experience has been full of immediate responses to questions and timely adjustments to their products."
    "WorldViz virtual reality is an important tool that has supported my research and published works for the last decade."