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The Forgotten Revolution: Virtual Reality Projection

In the Virtual Reality world, the talk of the town right now is about Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs). HMDs – or some say 3D headsets – are fantastic for certain use cases, but technology developments have […]

Interview: Why VR is “Transforming the World of Business”

Thank you Jeff Haden for this great interview with WorldViz CEO Andrew Beall about why Virtual Reality is “transforming the world of business.”

Author: Jeff Haden, published on LinkedIn, September 21, 2017

Forget Mobile Phones: VR Will […]

Why Businesses are Adopting VR

Businesses Acting Now
While the consumer world is still searching for a virtual reality ‘killer app’ and waiting for better and cheaper hardware, we see businesses clearly understanding the value of VR and act on it today. […]

Best of Siggraph 2017

Missed Siggraph 2017? Don’t worry we’re here to fill you in on some highlights.
Vizible Debut
This year we announced the launch of Vizible, our cloud-based VR communication solution for sales professionals. Press and select few customers […]

Business Just Got a Lot Easier

Vizible is our new VR sales communication platform that will forever change the way your clients view your product, help you collaborate remotely with anyone anywhere on the planet, and avoid costly mistakes before they happen.

Learn […]

August Tech Tip: SketchUp to Vizard workflow

SketchUp is a great tool for quickly creating and modifying existing 3D content for Vizard and WorldViz’s new remote collaboration platform, Vizible. With its extensive libraries of VR commands, Vizard makes it possible to transform a SketchUp model into […]

“WorldViz VR solutions help university research”

David Kariuki for Hypergrid Business: “WorldViz virtual reality solutions are being used in a variety of ways in learning institutions, from enhancing virtual learning and collaboration, boosting academic research, studying human and behavioral interactions, to […]

Seamless Workflow From 3D Scan to VR

If time is of the essence for your business, have you considered using a 3D scanner to capture an environment and experience it in VR, instead of 3D modeling it from scratch?

Whether you’re a researcher […]

“VR’s killer app: business services”

Chris Young at TechCrunch: “In manufacturing, WorldViz has become a leader in visualization and testing with its Vizard and VizMove VR application suite for companies as diverse as P&G, Philips, 3M, Perkins & Will and many […]

Celebrating 15 Successful Years in VR

This month, WorldViz celebrates its 15th year in virtual reality.

When we started, VR was barely an industry. Rather, it was a community of passionate individuals who believed that it could be used for a range […]

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Business Virtual Reality Will Drive VR Adoption

After the hype cools off in 2017, VR for industrial use, not consumer use, will drive VR adoption in 2018

One of the big tech questions on everyone’s minds for 2017 is — Will business VR […]

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Stanford Leverages WorldViz VR to Create Empathy

Stanford, one of WorldViz’s long-standing academic partners, is at the forefront of scientifically proving that virtual reality can change human behavior.

For over a decade, WorldViz has collaborated with Stanford on VR content creation, and equipped […]

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Webinar: Emerging Role of VR/AR technologies at Job Sites

WorldViz’s CEO, Andrew Beall, spoke at a webinar Tuesday October 4th hosted by Procore with long time WorldViz partners/customers Martin Bros’ Cody Nowak & Turner Medical & Research Solutions’ Russ Alford. The conversation focused on the […]

“AR and VR now within reach”

InAVate says: “We spoke to a range of those involved in AR and VR and the mood, encapsulated by Peter Schlueer, co-founder and president of WorldViz, a VR software and hardware provider, was upbeat.”

“Are We Virtually Ready?”

At the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) this week, Lenovo announced a partnership with Virtual Reality (VR) company WorldViz. In conjunction with this partnership, Lenovo is releasing a series of NVIDIA VR Ready certified workstations. – Design and […]

WorldViz & Lenovo at GTC!

The WorldViz team had an amazing time at this year’s GTC! We showed some of our co-presence demos,  featuring an Oculus Rift and HTC Vive interacting in the same virtual world. In one demo, users worked together […]