Great! Your Vizible Organization has been created.
You can now start creating VR experiences and holding immersive meetings. Next steps?
1. Download and install Vizible.
2. Explore our starter scenes.
These are scenes we built with Vizible that will help you explore what it does, how to use it, and possible use cases.

intro to vizible

Get an intro to Vizible Presentation Designer by seeing all the things you can bring into Vizible experiences. Set in a gorgeous art gallery created by the WorldViz art team.

learn the tools

Learn how to use the different tools available to users that are inside Vizible sessions. Laser pointer, drawing tools, remote, slide clickers, and more.

explore use cases

Explore some possible use cases to get your ideas flowing. Vizible is used for education + training, sales and marketing, design review, and more.
3. Check our the Vizible Web Dashboard
The Vizible Web Dashboard is where you can invite other users to your Vizible Organization for collaborative creation, get an overview of all of your scheduled meetings, and more.
4. Learn
Check out the Vizible Documentation for tutorials, videos, articles, and more.