VizMove Walking VR

VizMove Walking VR is a complete VR solution designed to help you rapidly develop large virtual environments for instantaneous, immersive exploration.

Complete Solution

Integrated hardware and software gets you started quickly and easily. VizMove Walking VR is all you need to create and experience complex environments with precise specifications.

Rapid Application Development (RAD)

Vizard, the core of VizMove, is the most powerful VR development platform in the world. Its many features include a sophisticated IDE, vast resource library, built-in EXE publishing, and extensive third-party hardware support.

Extreme Immersion

Full freedom of movement, seamless tracking, and the ability to visualize, navigate, and interact with virtual environments at scale creates a stunning sense of presence.

Instantaneous Engagement

VizMove Walking VR works right out of the box. Immediately benefit from the fluidity of an entirely pre-configured system.

Walking VR Components


Vizard VR Software

Development tools built from the ground-up to create virtual reality applications. Read about Vizard.

PPT Motion Tracking

Wide-area tracking that unleashes rich, immersive virtual experiences and interactions. Read about PPT.

Oculus VR Headset

Best-in-class displays for the optimal visual experience. Read about making Oculus apps.

Rendering Machine

Sheer GPU power tamed by stringent software and hardware testing.


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Note: VizMove Walking VR was designed as an out-of-the-box solution. For the most challenging use cases, our solution architects will build custom solutions to fit your specific needs. Click Contact Us to learn more.

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