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VizMove VR Solutions

WorldViz presents VizMove, an enterprise-class turnkey VR solution for cost-effective, high-performance virtual reality applications. VizMove Walking VR and VizMove Projection VR are suited for a broad range of applications including design visualization, architecture, industrial training, and research.

Vizard 5.2 Update!

Vizard 5.2 is now here and it’s packed with incredible features and capabilities. In this update, we’ve made it easy to sync between master and client systems for collaborative VR, added greater shader compatibility, and fixed a few bugs. We created an upgrade guide for easy transition from Vizard 4 to 5. For more details on each edition, please visit the Vizard editions page.

Create Oculus Apps

With Vizard and the Oculus Rift, you’ll create a new breed of visual simulations that  leverage the Rift’s groundbreaking design with robust support for  VR technologies such as wide area tracking, haptics, gesture recognition, and more..

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