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How can I help you today?
Immerse your trainees in realistic simulation training scenarios
Capture real world scenes and bring them into your training space
Evoke emotional responses from your learners and drive engagement

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How can I help you today?
Immerse your trainees in realistic simulation training scenarios
Capture real world scenes and bring them into your training space
Evoke emotional responses from your learners and drive engagement

The PRISM immersive simulation room is designed to enhance scenario training in healthcare training programs ranging from Emergency Medical Services (EMS), to Nursing, to Schools of Medicine.

The visual, auditory, and sensory experience of PRISM combine to evoke a sense of presence and engagement.

Transform your room into a content-rich scenario training environment. 

Bring hazardous training scenarios to the safety of your immersive training room.

Create an interactive clinical training environment.

Trigger embedded contextual information with intuitive touch interfaces.

PRISM Workflows


    • Film, find, and collect custom or stock media
    • Drag-and-drop files into PRISM software
    • Craft the narrative with simple controls


    • Activate sounds, lights, smells, triggers, views, and navigation
    • Interact in the environment through Tap and Swipe
    • Control the experience with the included Tablet


    • Immerse participants
    • Evoke emotional responses
    • Drive engagement

PRISM is a digital platform for learning by doing. PRISM users create and deploy realistic environments for scenario training, student evaluations, debriefing / after-action reviews, virtual escape rooms, interactive presentations, and much more.

PRISM offers students an opportunity to train in a relevant context that engages cognitive skills. Drive learner engagement and improve real-world performance through a digital experience that evokes a sense of presence and triggers emotional responses.

Use Cases
  • Immersive Education
  • Simulation Training
  • Interactive Exhibits
  • Dynamic Presentations
  • Research
  • Convert any room into a content-rich learning environment
  • Standardize the environment for research or training
  • Train individuals or groups in an interactive space
  • Scaffold content based on learner needs and objectives
  • Save on time and cost to implement and maintain training rooms

Testimonials and Case Studies

Karen Meadows, Director, University of North Texas, Health Science Center:

“I want people to know that this place is going to change the way that we deliver simulation and education for the future of our students and for our community. This is all about making healthcare safe and protecting patient safety.”

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Sarah E. Pearce PhD, CHSE, Director of Simulation and Standardized Patients for the IPE-LRC College of Nursing: 

“The PRISM system allows our students to apply and practice knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to nursing education in a realistic and highly immersive environment. PRISM provides our students with the opportunity to make mistakes, receive targeted feedback and then correct those mistakes in a safe learning environment prior to their entry into clinical, which in turn helps to improve patient quality and safety outcomes, through simulation based learning and education.”

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Robert Fontaine, Department Chair and EMS Director at Moreno Valley College:

“The PRISM simulator allows for a wide range of patient care settings and reduces the stress for our EMS providers. It allows our faculty to create a wide variety of scenarios for our students and to adjust the outcomes of a patient encounter.”

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Adaptable toenhance your available training space. While not in use, minimal obstructionsensure your room is always ready for other purposes. VizMove PRISM systems areadaptable to install in most rooms. Please consult with the WorldViz team ifyou are interested in setting up an Immersive Training Environment. We willhelp you evaluate your options.


A 3-projector installation is the most popular VizMove PRISM. 3 projectors on 3 walls offer visualizations covering 270 degrees field of view. This is truly an environment you can get lost in.

● With projections wrapping around most of the room, the TRIPLE offers a high level of immersion

● Ideal for VizMove PRISM installations inside larger rooms where an audience has a viewing

● Ideal when there is no adjacent control room and system hardware must be installed within the VizMove PRISM


A 4-projector, 4-wall installation offers 360 degree wraparound immersion. If a room affords this option, it is truly an exceptional experience.

● A square floor plan is recommended for a QUAD system

● Consider viewing options (e.g. in room, or an AV system)

● Ideal for maximum immersion and realism


The 1-projector system transforms a wall or screen to an interactive training environment. This is the only configuration we recommend as a mobile system.

● SINGLE systems work well if a scenario has a fixed orientation for the participant to focus

● A VizMove PRISM single wall delivers the same ease of use and interactive functionality as multi-wall systems

● Most systems are delivered installed, but a single wall we offer as a portable system (ideal for trade shows or presentations)


Our 2-projector system seamlessly blends across the corner of a room to create an over-180-degree field of view. This is an extremely flexible solution that fits in the corner of most rooms, and stores nearly out of sight. DUAL installations are ideal for multi-purpose rooms.

● Delivers an impressive level of immersion without compromising your existing room usage

● Many training applications can be oriented within 180-degree viewing range

● The immersive experience is introduced at this level

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