Projection vr

Our Projection VR systems create striking visualizations via low-footprint 3D ultra-short throw projectors, transforming your space into a nearly floor-to-ceiling virtual environment.
Seamless Group Immersion
Groups of up to 15 people can experience 3D environments collaboratively, wearing lightweight 3D glasses allowing them to see each other.
Low Footprint and Cost Effective
Projection VR systems only require a minimal footprint and can be installed in offices or labs at a fraction of the cost of traditional CAVE systems.
Scalable and Extendable
Extend Projection VR systems to create large scale multi-sided installations, or combine with VR headsets for unique collaboration.
VizMove Projection VR 
How organizations use projection vr
STERIS uses Projection VR to showcase large, complex medical equipment and create realistic hospital settings where customers can interact intuitively with their equipment.
In their Smart Lab, Suffolk uses 3D models of future construction projects. The Suffolk Smart Lab enables groups of users to experience, verify the look and feel of a space, and improve a space virtually before it is built.
This multi-purpose VR facility is designed for immersive exploration: users can produce innovative media, hold virtual events, and visualize 3D content as they facilitate remote training or education.
Using a virtual environment to create life-like scenarios, researchers at the University of Houston are studying how VR can facilitate users’ recovery from addiction.
Projection VR System OPTIONS
Single Wall / PowerWall (Portable and Semi-Permanent)
Our single-projector system transforms a wall or screen into an immersive environment. Ideal for design review and easily combined with VR headsets, this system can also be taken on the road for tradeshows, presentations, and more.
  • Single projector system for low profile installations
  • Transform a wall or screen into an immersive, interactive environment
  • Portable options available for trade shows and on site presentations
Corner Projection
Our corner projection system features two projectors seamlessly blended across the corner of a room to create an over-180-degree field of view, offering a superior immersive experience at a competitive price with a low physical footprint.
  • Our most popular and cost-effective projection system
  • An easy-to-implement solution that still provides an impressive level of immersion
  • Minimal physical footprint allows for flexible installation options
Multi-Sided & Extended
Our custom installations feature a scalable number of projectors to create immense wraparound displays. We can engineer this system to fit the contours of your space—from three walls to an entire warehouse-scale experience.
  • Customized and extended Projection VR systems to create a unique installation
  • Features multiple projectors that contour to your facility
  • 3-sided and 4 sided options available to create complete wrap around immersion
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