STERIS Uses WorldViz VR In Sales Demos

Client: STERIS

Use Case: Medical Equipment Sales

Solution Provided: VizMove Showroom with a Three-Sided Projection VR system, custom 3D model design, VR creation software with Inverse Kinematics plug-in

Healthcare company STERIS Corp is a leading provider of infection prevention equipment, focusing primarily on healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical device customers. Their product line includes  ceiling mounted lights, booms, and sterilization equipment. It’s been a challenge for STERIS to showcase to customers how its large, complex products are laid out and configured. WorldViz virtual reality solutions have changed the game for STERIS.

STERIS now uses WorldViz VR in the majority of their prospect demonstrations to improve their customer design, evaluation, and experience in several ways. For onsite demos, the STERIS Project Design and Planning Group has supplemented their physical showroom with a WorldViz VizMove VR showroom equipped with a three-wall Projection VR system. This VizMove system allows participants to experience virtual environments and spatial layouts of STERIS equipment in interactive 3D, with or without a VR headset. This VR showroom provides an experience with an unprecedented “wow” factor to VIP clients and prospects.

In a typical demo, STERIS will have two users wearing VR headsets who are experiencing the demo in immersive VR. At the same time, the viewpoint of both users as well as a birds-eye view of the scene is being projected onto large screens inside the showroom so that other participants in the room can follow along with the experience without VR headsets.

The WorldViz VizMove Showroom system is interactive, allowing participants to arrange, configure, and manipulate equipment, swap room features such as walls, windows, and doors, and see how all components relate. Getting an articulated operating room boom or ceiling mounted light to move realistically in a virtual environment is no easy feat, but WorldViz developed an inverse kinematics system so that STERIS can show how their products look and move in the real world.

To create the virtual presentations for their demos, STERIS uses Vizible, WorldViz’s no-coding PowerPoint-style VR creation software. Because Vizible also lets users hold remote demos in VR, STERIS can host immersive meetings in VR with prospects from anywhere in North America. If the prospect doesn’t have a VR headset, STERIS sends a WorldViz VizBox, a portable, shippable VR rig, and then they can hold demos from their showroom but with participants in remote locations. Currently, STERIS has rolled out the use of this tech in North America.

This not only saves sales team travel cost and demo equipment shipping expenses, but medical equipment sales experts can now meet with multiple clients per day - without leaving their office.

Mike Burton, Senior Manager of the STERIS Planning and Project Design Group, says: “Our project design and sales teams are leaping into the future using WorldViz’s turnkey solutions for medical equipment showcasing in VR. Our presentations are so much more tangible and engaging to our prospects now, so we use WorldViz VR for the majority of our customer visits related to architecturally significant projects. No matter where our customers may be, we can convey to prospects an incredible sense of our products and capabilities, while we don’t need to ship or haul anything.”

STERIS is transforming how medical equipment products are presented by leveraging  the benefits of WorldViz VR solutions. WorldViz is proud to have such an incredible company as a customer. You can learn more about STERIS here, and you can learn about WorldViz VR solutions here.

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