This simple yet powerful extension to our Vizard software allows you to create virtual reality eye tracking experiments and harness your data with ease.

Ready to Use Templates
Build your own eye tracking application in Vizard with our library of ready-to-use experiments and templates.
Gain Behavioral Insights
Collect precise data like eye movement, objects of interest, fixation time, and much more.
Advanced Data Visualizations
Record and replay VR sessions with advanced analytics overlays such as gaze path visualizations, heatmaps, gaze intersects and fixations
Multi-User Flexibility
Choose between multi-user and single-user environments.
Capture User Behavior
In virtual reality eye-tracking studies, users react naturally to their virtual environments, performing immersive tasks while researchers gain insight by tracking where users are looking and when.
Improve Your Research
Our VR eye tracking software puts user attention and decision making at the center of your study. See exactly how a user visually assesses their environment and understand why they make certain choices.
Analyze Data Instantly
Our real-time data visualizations, like user heat maps and gaze paths, can help market researchers analyze how product ads, design, and placement inform users’ ultimate buying decisions..
Create Interactive Worlds
With VR eye tracking, users can grab objects by simply looking at them instead of pointing or pressing a button. This is huge, especially for distant objects, and opens up new research possibilities.
Every year, we publish a list of the research papers that involve Vizard or WorldViz virtual reality software.
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With Vizard, it’s simple to integrate a range of virtual reality eye tracking headsets
Pro Eye
An accessibly-priced VR headset from an industry leader with advanced eye tracking built in.
Pupil Labs VR Eye Tracking
An add-on device to upgrade your existing VR headset with advanced eye-tracking capabilities.
watch the video
Ultra wide angle viewing with a coverage of natural human vision, 16 million sub-pixels at a refresh rate of 90 frames per second, and
built-in eye tracking technology
HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition
Integrated, state-of-the-art sensors, breakthrough visuals and sound, 4 built in camera and more.
SightLab VR Versions
Sightlab VR 
  • VR eye tracking software featuring a drag and drop GUI configurator
  • Build VR scenes with detailed data collection in minutes
  • Record gaze direction, pupil size, fixation timing, and more
  • Insert your own 3D geometry, target objects or 360 videos
  • Record and replay VR sessions with advanced analytics overlays
sightlab vr pro
  • Access all the features of WorldViz’s powerful VR eye tracking software SightLab VR with one on one support
  • Include GUI based configurator and access to source code to customize your experiment
  • Connect your VR scene to multiple devices including biofeedback, data gloves and more
  • Include heatmap, areas of interest, custom flags and more advanced analytical tools
  • NOTE: SightLab VR Pro requires WorldViz Vizard software for its full functionality.
SightLab VR Pro Multi-User
  • Access all of the features of SightLab VR Pro with additional features for multiple users
  • Supports up to 4 users
  • Individual multi-user, modifiable scripts to show gaze intersect points for each user (note: does not support heatmaps and single user eye tracking utilities)
  • Save out gaze intersect positional data
  • Record and save video of session with timestamp
vizard virtual reality software at amazonPURCHASE SIGHTLAB VR PURCHASE SIGHTLAB VR PRO
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