A Vizard Extension Package

WorldViz offers a simple yet powerful tool for setting up eye tracking experiments in VR that include examples for common eye tracking tasks, multi user environments, heat maps, access to a support ticketing system for professional users, and more. The VR Eye Tracking Analytics Lab runs on Vizard, which allows native integration with thousands of Python libraries.

Why is Virtual Reality Eye Tracking Important?
Scientific research

Virtual reality eye tracking for research is groundbreaking for collecting data on a myriad of scientific research applications that involve visual attention.

Data analysis

Apply VR eye tracking for collecting user data within VR based marketing research studies that analyze the consumer journey, and uncover how product ads, designs, and placements trigger buying decisions

Active VR input

Simply look and grab with virtual reality eye tracking, rather than pointing at virtual objects or pressing a virtual button. Especially for distant objects, that’s huge.

Gage user intent and focus

VR eye tracking helps you achieve greater control over your virtual environment. For example, by optimizing aim when throwing objects in VR: You can improve the trajectory by inferring where someone aims based on gaze.

Our solutions power VR research in a range of disciplines. Check out our Partners in Science report to explore the range of studies that used WorldViz VR last year.
Vizard VR Eye Tracking Features
  • Recording and playback eye tracking behavior for "after action review" including 3D path review
  • Extensive data analytics
  • User performance triggered feedback loops with eye or physiological sensor data
  • Precise timing experimental control and device synchronization
  • 360 videos and 3D files from a wide array of sources as customizable stimuli
  • Recording of gaze direction data, pupil size, fixation timings, and other low level parameters
The VR Eye Trackers We Recommend
Read on our blog how VIVE Pro Eye VR eye tracking users can now leverage the R&D focussed analysis capabilities of Vizard, which have empowered thousands of academic and commercial research labs for over 20 years.
Pupil Labs VR Eye Tracking
Check out our video about the Vizard Pupil Labs VR eye tracking integration!

Incredible research facilities use our Eye tracking solutions