Why Fortune 500s Turn to WorldViz for VR Consulting

September 28, 2022

Peter Schlueer

Learn why large companies hire WorldViz as a scientific consultancy and solution provider to identify and execute immersive VR projects.

For over 20 years, we have been on the cutting edge of virtual reality, watching this market grow from a niche novelty to an indispensable medium across industries. Collectively, our in-house scientists - including multiple PhDs - have over 150 years experience in immersive technology.

We have gained expertise in nearly all applications and use cases of immersive technology. Most importantly, we know what works and what doesn’t, and can help your organization enter the immersive age.


That’s why experts in their respective fields turn to WorldViz - from AEC to training, healthcare to social psychology, enterprise communications to sales and marketing - we’ve done it before and we can help you find your footing in VR for your industry.


WorldViz has been hired by companies like Nokia and Baidu to unlock the untapped potential of VR for their needs. We also consult government agencies such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) on how to build immersive virtual environments for scientific studies - our team then provides supporting material for granting agencies, and upon award we build the entire experiment application and provide ongoing support throughout the duration of the study.


Read on to learn about example projects, and what experience and tools WorldViz brings to the table when it comes to unlocking the value of VR. When you’re ready to move forward with a VR solution we deliver the content, training and hardware - check out our integrated VizMove systems, and contact us to discuss your project.


NOKIA - Trade Show Product Unveiling

Nokia engaged WorldViz for the unveiling of their 5G wireless network at MWC Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, enabling co-presence virtual reality applications with virtually zero latency. WorldViz and Nokia first co-developed a concept, and then WorldViz artists and programmers brought the idea to life. The team created a beautiful stargazing VR application with two users interacting remotely to show off Nokia’s new 5G network.



The demo begins on the Nokia spaceship flying in the middle of the galaxy. A star constellation comes towards the users and floats in front of them. Each user begins to connect the stars and draw the constellation with glistening star dust. Once the drawing is complete, the constellation springs to life and soars back into the cosmos. The speed of Nokia’s network enables this collaborative drawing to happen in real time with zero latency.

The application will be added to the WorldViz demo launcher for you to try it yourself.

BAIDU - Large Audience Presentation

WorldViz provided a large-scale Virtual Reality demonstration for China’s internet search provider Baidu. The presentation included a live immersive VR demonstration in which a volunteer donned an Oculus Rift headset and walked across a narrow plank over a virtual pit. The experience was projected onto a display of five 7×10 meter screens along the main stage, which partially surrounded the audience.

The audience was equipped with active shutter glasses to experience the presentation in 3D. The system included an eight-camera WorldViz PPT motion-tracking system and ran on a cluster of rendering computers powered by the Vizard Virtual Reality Software Toolkit. Press and government officials attending the event had the opportunity to try out several of WorldViz’s wide-area walking Virtual Reality systems.

STERIS CORPORATION - Better Marketing and Sales Communication

Selling large high-end medical equipment presented Steris Corporation with the challenge of not easily being able to transport demo products to show to customers. The marketing and sales team at Steris have solved this problem with WorldViz VizMove 3D Projection systems


Steris now wows its prospects with impressive walkthroughs of their medical equipment products, giving individuals and large audiences educational demos on the trade show floor or remotely by sending ultra-mobile WorldViz VizBoxes to the prospects offices.


“WorldViz software is transforming the future of healthcare design at Steris Corporation”, says Michael Burton, Senior Manager.

SUFFOLK CONSTRUCTION - Real-Time Visualization with the Team

Being involved daily in large construction projects, the dispersed teams of Suffolk Construction found it difficult to capture and study data, collaborate across project teams effectively, and teach new technologies and processes in the design and construction of new spaces.


Using WorldViz VizMove Projection VR, Suffolk equipped six of their new SmartLabs across the country with a 3D projection area where team members, clients and prospects can review projects more effectively in immersive 3D environments, and meet from various remote locations to review data and projects collaboratively. In the process, the WorldViz in-house experts helped Suffolk navigate the complex world of real-time rendering and CAD / BIM export workflows. 


“The basic concept behind the Smart Lab is that we can build it in pixels before we build it in brick and mortar,” said Joe Fernandez, vice president of operations for Suffolk Construction. “We take real-time decisions and put them in a 3D model so the client can immediately see the finished result. Instead of saying, ‘I hope it’s going to look this way,’ now it’s, ‘Here’s what it’s going to look like.’ This is game-changing technology.”

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