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What's new in virtual reality

Eye Tracking Everywhere- Why Care?

Why should you care about eye tracking? There is a lot more to eye tracking as it relates to VR. In short, it’s becoming a ubiquitous human-machine interface, making our lives in VR a lot easier.

Upgrade Vive to Research Quality

WorldViz PPT Motion Tracking allows upgrading consumer HTC VIVE and VIVE Pro systems to accommodate research applications. Why, you ask? Well, let’s take a look!


Zap Surgical Systems uses an immersive, collaborative WorldViz VR experience that lets them give prospects a guided tour through the Zap-X, their large, complex self-shielded radiation device.

Incredible organizations use WorldViz solutions:

WorldViz is changing the way people create, learn, and collaborate with immersive technology.

Custom VR Solutions

We have a highly skilled team of VR developers, artists, and user experience experts. You imagine, we build.

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No-Code VR Software

Vizible is a VR creation + collaboration tool. Create VR presentations, hold VR meetings. No coding.

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Scalable VR Systems

We've developed best-in-class VR motion tracking and VR projection systems. We also build incredible VR facilities.

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Scripting VR Software

Designed for virtual reality application development, Vizard lets developers create complex VR applications.

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