custom virtual reality design & Development

We offer custom virtual reality design & development, single-player or multiplayer VR experiences, simulations, environments, and games to support your business, education, or research goals. WorldViz is a team of world-class 3D artists, animators, gamers, developers and instructional designers. We've built things for clients like Stanford University, Nokia, NASA, Rolls Royce, Turner Medical, Phillips, Lockheed Martin, and many more.

vr development

Our in-house engineers, developers and 3D graphics team can design complex virtual reality software applications per your specifications. Whether you need to train your team on maintenance procedures, want to visualize a large construction project or are envisioning a scientific research project, we can help with our VR development & design services. Need it to be cross-platform, or multi-user? We do that too.

hardware integration

We maintain strong partnerships across the industry enabling advanced third-party hardware technology including VR headsets, 3D projectors and screens, eye-trackers, feedback devices, motion capture and more. Our software can be easily integrated with any VR hardware. We can build solutions that run on any device and we have expertise with a wide array of tools: Vizard, Unity, Unreal, WebVR, and more.

vr design services

We have incredible 3D artists and photogrammetry experts. Our Enterprise Solutions team will work with you to design a solution that works for your physical, technical and financial constraints. As pioneers in the world of virtual reality, we have years of experience building custom VR systems from scratch. We can design, implement and test a complete system for you efficiently, while making sure all your needs are met.

installation & training

We offer white-glove on-site installation and training services to get your virtual reality system or facilities running smoothly, and to make sure that your organization knows how to use any new hardware or software. For long-term support, we offer plans that connect you with our experts whenever you need assistance. We've built world-class VR/AR/MR facilities and labs for universities and businesses. See some examples here.

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