SightLab - Virtual Reality Experiment Generator for Research

SightLab VR Pro is the easy-to-use experiment generator software for researchers. It complements Vizard, our comprehensive VR software for researchers

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Large Library of included Examples and Templates
Visual Search
Driving and Vehicle Simulations
Phobia Presentation
Retail and Space Planning
Research Tools and Features
Avatars/ AI Agents
Hand Tracking and Interactions
Virtual Video Screen
AR/VR Eye Tracking
Rating/Likert Scales
360 Media
And much more, click here for full list
Additional Data Visualizations
Interactive Replay
Wide selection of graphs, charts and visualizations
Connection with physiological data using BIOPAC Acqknowledge
Raw Data output
Every year, we publish a list of the research papers that involve Vizard or WorldViz virtual reality software.
Read how over 300 labs and researchers worldwide are using our tools.
Wide Selection of Supported XR Hardware
Used by a Large Base of Universities and Companies
Whether you're exploring psychology, neuroscience, or any scientific discipline,
SightLab VR Pro offers a streamlined platform to visualize and interact with your hypotheses.

SightLab VR Testimonials

Joy Lee PHD, Maastricht University:

"One of the challenges with performing research using virtual reality and eye tracking is the complexity of building the initial experiment. With built-in tools specifically for setting up eye tracking experiments in VR, SightLab VR got us up and running and doing our research in very little time with minimal effort!"

Professor Maurizio Forte, PhD at the Duke University’s Department of Classical Studies:

“We use SightLab VR in combination with EEG to understand aesthetic experiences in museums. I also used the SightLab VR during a series of workshops and conferences at the Panthéon-Sorbonne University in Paris. VR eye-tracking experiments stimulated strong interest from French museum curators and digital application supervisors, and we are planning to collaborate for future exhibitions.”

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