How to Set Up Meta Quest Pro for Vizard and SightLab VR

July 27, 2023

Sado Rabaudi

Meta’s newest top of the line VR headset, Meta Quest Pro, boasts a wide range of features from mixed reality to eye tracking, facial tracking, hand tracking, and more. To find out more, also see our lead article. This tutorial will guide you through setting up your Meta Quest Pro with Vizard and SightLab VR Pro, two powerful software tools for VR development, which when combined can greatly simplify the process of creating a VR application for research experiments.

Install the Meta Application and Do Initial Set Up

  • Download and install the Meta application on both your phone and PC.
  • Make sure the headset and controllers are charged. 
  • Put on the headset and follow the instructions in the headset to set up the Meta Quest Pro. 
  • You will also need to install the Meta application on your phone and pair the headset with it to continue

Enable Developer Mode

  • In order to utilize all of the features of the Meta Quest Pro, you need to enable developer mode. Enable Developer mode in phone app under Menu- Devices- Headset Settings- Developer Mode.
  • Enable Developer mode  in the PC Oculus Application as well. 

Toggle on Hand, Face and Eye Tracking in VR Headset

  • In the Quest Home environment, go to settings- movement tracking- and toggle on eye tracking, face tracking and hand tracking. Eye tracking can also be calibrated from this menu.  

Configure Oculus PC Application for OpenXR and Tracking

  • Since the Meta Quest Pro connects using OpenXR, make sure to set Oculus as the active OpenXR runtime.

  • Under “Beta” toggle on the various tracking you are using

  • To connect with Vizard and SightLab you can use the Oculus Link connection (cable or wireless). It is recommended to use the official Oculus Link cable (note that this is not the one that comes with the Quest Pro (that is a charging cable). You can get that from this link. If you don't have a USB-C connection, you can use an adaptor like this one. For wireless you will need a fast internet connection (at least 5Ghz). Note that it is recommended for the best performance to use the cable (especially for getting good framerates on the Mixed Reality). 

  • Enable Oculus Link

Connecting with SIghtLab

  • In SightLab you can select the “Meta Quest Pro” preset. This will automatically set up a hardware configuration for the Meta Quest Pro with navigation. It will also enable eye and hand tracking to any script. Body tracking can be enabled by adding the line “from utils import body_tracking” to the top of your script (which you can then select from any downloaded full body avatars from ReadyPlayerMe, Mixamo, Rocketbox or Reallusion). There are examples for Mixed Reality under the “ExampleScripts- Mixed Reality” folder. 

Connecting with Vizard

  • In Vizard a collection of sample scripts showing how to use various OpenXR features can be found in the \examples\openxr\ folder

  • You can also manually create a vizconnect file by selecting OpenXR for tracking, display and input.

  • See “OpenXR” in the Vizard Documentation for more information

For more information on how Worldviz can help you to connect your various hardware, set up a VR lab or provide research tools for VR contact 

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