Zap Surgical Systems Uses WorldViz VR to Create Guided, Immersive Tour Through Medical Equipment

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client: Zap Surgical Systems

use case: Marketing, Sales

equipment used: Custom-developed VR application, 3D modeling services, hardware

Zap Surgical Systems is a global medical device manufacturer that is reimagining radiation therapies, and they are starting with the Zap-X: a self-contained, self-shielded therapeutic radiation device aimed at treating head, brain, and neck lesions. The Zap-X is a huge device, and as such poses some sales and marketing challenges. It’s expensive to ship around the world, and it’s difficult to help people understand what it’s really like to undergo a Zap-X treatment.

To address those challenges, Zap Surgical Systems decided to leverage a custom-built WorldViz VR solution that showcases the Zap-X, delivering an immersive experience that puts prospects in the shoes of both a patient and a doctor during a Zap-X therapy session.

With virtual reality, Zap can teach prospects about the Zap-X at scale, anywhere in the world.

In close collaboration with Zap Surgical Systems, WorldViz built a custom VR application that features a realistic 3D model of the Zap-X device. The viewer can play the role of the patient or the doctor while a Zap-X representative can play the other role, guiding the prospect through the experience in VR in real-time.

The “patient” actually lies down on a physical bed, as they would if they were actually undergoing a Zap-X treatment session, and then through their VR headset they get to see what it’s like to undergo the procedure in the Zap-X.

Zap Surgical Systems is changing the way radiotherapy is perceived and delivered, and with WorldViz VR solutions, they are changing the way people learn about their medical devices and treatments. “When people hear ‘radiotherapy’, they are usually intimidated and probably have some outdated ideas in mind”, says Zap Surgical Systems CEO Jon Adler. “Helping people see the ins and outs of the Zap-X in VR, without needing to get them inside the device itself, lets us reach a much broader audience and give that audience a powerful, memorable experience.”

WorldViz has more than a decade of experience working with large medical device manufacturers, as well as deep expertise building collaborative VR applications like this one that we built for Zap Surgical Systems.

We look forward to seeing how Zap-X continues to redefine radiotherapy around the world and leverage VR in pursuit of that goal.

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