Ventura College Emergency Medical Technician Lab Acquires WorldViz PRISM Virtual Simulation Room

Client: Ventura College

Use Case: Paramedic Studies and Emergency Medical Technician Training

As one of the foremost Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) programs, Ventura College’s Paramedic Studies and EMT lab has taken a leap toward improving learning for its students by providing a cutting edge PRISM Virtual Simulation Room.

Kimberly Hoffmans, R.N., Ed.D., President of Ventura College, says: “Technological enhancements to online instruction have been crucial in elevating the digital experience, which has resulted in a more positive learning outcome. Students in the Ventura County Community College District demand and deserve high-quality education delivered in multiple formats of in-person and online instruction to integrate into their busy schedules.”

PRISM virtual simulation room installation at Ventura College’s paramedic studies and emergency medical technician lab.

PRISM is an integrated hardware and software product that combines high-resolution surround projection with directional sound and touch interactivity to add lifelike contextual stimuli to learning environments. The immersive virtual simulation room provides realistic and scalable training environments to healthcare professionals, improving learning retention and real-world performance.

Peter Schlueer, President at WorldViz, comments: “We understand from our partnership with the Ventura College’s Paramedic Program leadership that elevating stress during training improves learning outcomes and paramedic preparedness. Ventura College uses PRISM to create hazardous or otherwise difficult to recreate scenarios that evoke a sense of presence in scenario training and improve learner engagement.”

Read the full article by Ventura College’s President Kimberly Hoffmans about transforming learning with technology, and why they decided to acquire a WorldViz PRISM virtual simulation room. Contact us at to learn more about the PRISM virtual simulation room for paramedic training applications.

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