Breaking Barriers: Moreno Valley College Elevates EMS Training with WorldViz PRISM Solution

Client: Moreno Valley College

Use Case: Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Programs

We're thrilled to share an inspiring success story with you, highlighting how our cutting-edge VR solutions are making a significant impact in the field of education. Moreno Valley College, one of our valued customers, is pushing boundaries and setting new standards in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) training using the WorldViz PRISM solution.

In an article published on, Moreno Valley College's innovative approach to EMS education takes center stage. They've transformed their EMS student programs by integrating our PRISM solution into their training curriculum, delivering immersive and realistic training experiences for their students.

Read the full article here: Breaking Barriers: Innovative Simulation Room Equips Moreno Valley College EMS Students

What You'll Discover in the Article:

Revolutionizing EMS Training: Learn how Moreno Valley College is breaking barriers and reshaping EMS training by leveraging the immersive capabilities of WorldViz PRISM. Discover how our technology is helping students gain essential skills with unprecedented realism.

Realistic Simulation: Dive into the details of how WorldViz PRISM recreates challenging real-world scenarios, providing students with hands-on experience without the associated risks. Explore how this approach enhances their preparedness for emergencies.

Instructor Insights: Hear from instructors at Moreno Valley College about the impact of PRISM on their teaching methods and how it has transformed the way they train the next generation of EMS professionals.

Student Success Stories: Read about the experiences of EMS students who have benefited from this innovative training solution. Their testimonials showcase the real-world advantages of immersive VR training.

Future Possibilities: Discover how Moreno Valley College envisions expanding the use of VR in their educational programs and how WorldViz is contributing to their vision of providing cutting-edge training tools.

Thank you for being part of our journey towards advancing education through immersive technology. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this remarkable story.

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