WorldViz Delivers State of the Art VR Lab to Dayton University School of Engineering

Client: Dayton University School of Engineering

Use Case: Previsualizations of Critical Construction Project

WorldViz is pleased to announce the installation of a cutting edge virtual and mixed reality lab at the University of Dayton School of Engineering. The new Mixed Reality Lab at Dayton University School of Engineering will provide researchers, students and local stakeholders within the larger Dayton community an advanced visualization system and toolset to take on the engineering challenges of today and tomorrow.

Dr. Robert Liang is the Director of the Center for Intelligent Infrastructure Systems, a multi-disciplinary research center at the University of Dayton to foster research in smart, sustainable, resilient, reliable infrastructure systems. Dr. Liang considers this investment to be the latest step towards making Dayton University a leader in the future of construction technology. “The WorldViz installation has really opened up possibilities for our students to get hands-on with emerging technologies as well as grow closer with industry partners”, says Dr. Liang.

The WorldViz installation is anchored by a wrap-around VizMove Projection VR system covering an area of 300 square feet. The installation features ultrashort throw projectors and highly accurate motion tracking to allow individuals and groups of users to physically walk through previsualizations of critical construction projects. Already the system is being used as a collaborative design review environment for local AEC firms as well as for internal construction projects at Dayton University.

Beyond its use as a productivity tool for engineers, the VizMove Projection VR system serves as an immersive classroom environment where students can interact with and observe 1:1 scale job sites, equipment and data analytics and visualizations without ever having to leave campus.

In addition to the large-scale VizMove Projection VR installation, the Mixed Reality Lab at Dayton also includes two integrated eye tracking VR headset systems from WorldViz. These systems provide multiple simultaneous participants a fully immersive shared experience with integrated data collection thanks to the WorldViz SightLab VR Pro toolkit. With multi-user eye tracking, Dayton researchers can more closely examine how participants experience an environment before it is constructed and use this data to inform design decisions and future projects. 

For more information on the systems and software used at the Dayton University Center for Intelligent Infrastructure Systems please reach out to

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