Domus Arquitetura e Construção in Rio de Janeiro gains value by utilizing Virtual Reality within the AEC industry

client: Domus Arquitetura e Construção Brazil

use case: Real Estate Sales

equipment used: VizMove Walking VR System

Armed with the skills and experience to produce incredibly realistic, real-time ready 3D models, Domus was able to provide full-scale, virtual mock-ups of high end apartment buildings to prospective clients before construction had ever begun.

By using the VizMove Walking VR System, Domus was able to sell apartments to clients simply by immersing them in the virtual simulation.  Time and cost associated with showing a physical mock-up or a physical apartment were eliminated, design changes specific to each client could be first noted and then implemented upon construction, and even the view outside of the virtual apartment could be changed dynamically to accurately represent the cityscape from different floors in thehigh-rise apartment building.

With the WorldViz technology we had amazing results. Now our clients feel satisfied only when their projects have been fully tested, lived and experienced in virtual reality before we break ground.
– Bruno Jacobsohn, Domus
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