Oil Drilling
& Utilities Companies

Develop VR environments to safely train employees. VR can be used in engineering, maintenance, and inspection.

Stunning Virtual
Reality Environments

Transport yourself to beautiful pre-built VR environments like this Italian Piazza. You can even adjust the code for the Piazza to make your own custom VREs and applications.

Manufacturing Training

Easily upload your CAD models for safe, effective dis/assembly training.

Virtual Environments

Virtual environments like The Dojo come preloaded with our Vizard for immediate immersion.

Martin Bros
Construction Site

WorldViz partners Martin Bros developed this mock-up of a construction site in which you can walk around the scaffolding and take in a view of downtown Los Angeles.

Convert 3D Models
for Immersion

Convert your 3D models and make them ready for real-time immersion and interaction with clients. Domus Arquitetura created this virtual mock up of a beautiful apartment.

accurate mock-ups, prior to

Develop interactive environments like this apartment to provide stakeholders an opportunity to experience a space prior to approval and construction.

Military and Defense Applications

Government agencies, military branches, and defense contractors use our VR solutions for large engineering projects and training systems.

Healthcare design
for half a decade

Worldviz has supported evidence based and patient centered healthcare design for half a decade.

Explore with our PPT
Motion Tracking Technology

Explore arbitrarily large virtual spaces using our extendible PPT Motion Tracking technology.

Explore remote sites with
millimeter precision

Our VizMove VR Solutions facilitate remote inspection of structures and sites with millimeter precision and 1:1 scale.

Helping to visualize
Leading Museums

This museum was scanned using Lidar technology from one of our partners, Matterport. Vizard takes point clouds to create replica models of real environments.