Walking VR

Immersive Wide Area Walking System

What is it?

Literally walk through virtual environments in full scale and experience a stunning sense of immersion. Simply don a stereoscopic head-mounted display and you’re free to walk and explore naturally. An automatic motion tracking system synchronizes movement in the real world with movement in the virtual world creating the Holodeck illusion. Interact with virtual objects by using the Wand 2013 or by wearing a data glove.

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What can I do with it?

  • Architectural walk-throughs
  • Industrial training and prototyping
  • Military and disaster prevention training
  • Human behavioral research


  • Highest level of immersion
  • Explore naturally and roam around freely
  • Conveys a real sense of size and shape of object
  • Physical locomotion cues aid spatial awareness


  • HMDs have limited field of view
  • HMDs can get heavy over long periods of wearing
  • Minimum 10 x 10 feet space recommended


Example Components

Note: Below component selection is an example only and does not imply that WorldViz prefers certain 3rd party hardware vendors over others.
WorldViz technology is compatible with all common VR hardware products.

Vizard 3D toolkit software platform Enterprise Edition
Everything you need to build and render interactive 3D content. Directly connects to VR hardware. More info here.

PPT E8 high-speed motion tracking system
Covers unlimited areas with high precision and accuracy. Extremely robust hybrid optical-inertial 6DOF solution. More info here.

NVIS nVisor ST50 stereoscopic head-mounted display
Bright and crisp stereoscopic display. Ergonomic headset for superior balance and comfort.

Dell server CPU with nVidia Quadro/GeForce graphics
WorldViz custom configured workstation. Optimal Graphics, RAM and CPU combo for demanding real-time apps.

Maintenance and support
Choose our Gold support contract and minimize lost time by having experienced WorldViz support engineers help you solve your problem during extended business hours.

Installation and training
Onsite setup-service by WorldViz expert engineers. Jumpstart your team by hiring us for initial training.

Compatible Accessories
Overhead Gantry WorldViz Overhead gantry up to 40 x 40 feet
Sound System WorldViz Ambisonic Auralizer System
Hand Navigation & Interaction WorldViz Wand 2013 is an intuitive wireless interface for navigation through virtual environments and interacting with 3D objects
Data Gloves / Haptic Gloves CyberGlove II
5DT Dataglove 5, Dataglove 16
Augmented Reality WorldViz VideoVision see-through device
Eye Tracking Arrington Research ViewPoint Eye Tracker
Biofeedback BIOPAC MP150 for complex data acquisition, stimulation, triggering and analysis
Data Acquisition LabJack U12 multifunctional control device
Characters/Animals Vizard Complete Characters
Vizard Compete Soldiers
Vizard Complete Animals
Real-Time Avatar Interaction WorldViz Live Characters software plug-in for real-time human animation and interaction in virtual space by MotionBuilder ™ supported motion capture systems