Martin Bros: Front Runners in VR Design & Construction

October 28, 2014

VizMove Projection Collaboration

Since last month’s official release of the Vizard 5 VR Software Toolkit, we have had a wealth of positive feedback from our customers about their experiences: we see them use Vizard as a ubiquitous tool for streamlining iterative design processes, driving communication, and simulating challenging physical procedures. It’s exciting to see the AEC industry embrace our technology and services with the enthusiasm that it has.

Robert Klugh, President of Los Angeles based construction company Martin Brothers Marcowall, has this to say about Vizard 5:

“Vizard 5 by WorldViz is filled with great features and improvements. The engine is quick, the workflow’s straightforward, and the WorldViz team’s support is second to none. We’ve received immediate responses to questions and custom care for our needs throughout our partnership. With WorldViz team members backing us, we feel confident that we will achieve success in our goal to become the front runners in VR simulations within the design and construction industries.”If you haven’t checked out the newest version of Vizard yet, download a free trial version of Vizard 5 here.

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