October Tech Tip: Vizard’s Native Model Format

October 27, 2014

The OpenSceneGraph (OSG) file format is Vizard’s native format and your best choice for exporting models for Vizard. Vizard can automatically generate advanced shader effects for OSG models exported using the OSG 3ds Max Exporter. In addition, OSG models can include baked lighting, animated paths, animated UVs, and more. The OSG format has binary and text versions. The binary version (.OSGB) loads faster and has the option to embed texture data. The text version (.OSGT) can be quickly modified in a text editor for debugging purposes. Whether you’re building content from scratch or tweaking existing content for use in Vizard, you’ll get the highest quality results with OSG. For more on working with 3ds Max and OSG, take a look at 3ds Max workflow section in the Vizard Help.

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