Stitching Videos Captured by the Insta 360 Pro Camera

January 24, 2024

Why is stitching important? With the Insta 360 Pro camera you can only record on devices stitching up to 4K. If you want to record videos in 8K resolution, which is recommended, you have to do the stitching process in post-production.

1. Download the software directly from the Insta 360 website:

  • Scroll down to the Insta360 STITCHER
  • Choose the correct operating system (windows / macOS etc.)
  • Click the yellow Download button

2. Install the software and open it for the first time (Mac):

  • After clicking the download button, the program will appear under the Downloads in Safari.
  • Double-click the file called “Insta360Stitcher…pkg”.
  • Go through the installation Process by clicking the lower right button

3. Opening the program for the first time:

a. You will find Insta 360 stitcher in your Launchpad

b. Click the icon described as Insta360Stitcher

=> the program will open and present its start screens.

c. After opening the program, you can start stitching your videos

4. Stitching videos in the program:

a. First, import your footage into the program:

b. At the top of the program, you are going to find a files button. By clicking or hovering over this button you will see the “Add Original Files”.

Click that button to select files from your computer The footage you are looking for should be in a folder. The videos of the different lenses are shown as:

1. origin_0.jpg … for photos

2. origin_0.mp4 … for videos

c. Now that you imported the footage in the Insta 360 Stitcher, you can start stitching. By clicking the yellow “Stitch Now” button the selected footage gets processed by the software. It takes some time depending on which system you are using.

d. After the process is done, your footage will be ready to view and is automatically saved in your files. The finished footage is listed under the “Completed” tab. You can access each file by clicking the   icon.

Short + General Version:

Step 1: Launch Insta360 Stitcher1.

Open Insta360 Stitcher on your computer. You can usually find it in your applications folder or search for it using your computer's search feature.

Step 2: Import Your 360-Degree Content

Click on the "Import" or "Add" button to import your 360-degree photos or videos. Browse to the location where your files are stored, select them, and click "Open."

Step 3: Choose Your Stitching Mode3.

Insta360 Stitcher offers automatic and manual stitching modes. For beginners, it's recommended to start with the automatic stitching mode:

  • Select the clips or photos you want to stitch together.
  • Click on the "Stitch" button.

Step 4: Preview and Edit

Once the stitching process is complete, you'll see a preview of your stitched 360-degree content.

  • Use your mouse to click and drag within the preview window to explore the entire 360-degree view.
  • You can also use the playback controls to preview videos.
  • If you notice any issues with the stitching, you can use the "Edit" menu to make adjustments. The "Retouch" tool can be handy for removing tripods or camera rigs from the bottom of the shot.

Step 5: Export Your Stitched Content

After you're satisfied with the stitching and editing, it's time to export your content:

  • Click on the "Export" or "Save" button.
  • Choose the export settings such as file format, resolution, and quality.
  • Select the destination folder where you want to save your stitched content.
  • Click "Export" to begin the export process.

Step 5: Share Your 360-Degree Content6.

Once your content is exported, you can share it on social media, upload it to YouTube, or view it on a VR headset or 360-degree player.

Step 6: Finish:

Congratulations! You've successfully stitched and edited your 360-degree content using Insta360 Stitcher. As you become more comfortable with the software, you can explore its advanced features for further customization and enhancement of your 360-degree photos and videos. Remember that practice makes perfect, so don't hesitate to experiment and refine your skills as you go along.

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