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intro to vizible

Get an intro to Vizible Presentation Designer by seeing all the things you can bring into Vizible experiences. Set in a gorgeous art gallery created by the WorldViz art team.

learn the tools

Learn how to use the different tools available to users that are inside Vizible sessions. Laser pointer, drawing tools, remote, slide clickers, and more.

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Explore some possible use cases to get your ideas flowing. Vizible is used for education + training, sales and marketing, design review, and more.

Welcome to concordia's center for emergency Solutions vr training portal

The next CES training event in VR will be held on Friday, October 15 at 3:00PM PST.

The training session will be led by Rick Huffman, Director of the Center for Emergency Solutions.

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  • When you sign up, the event password and link will be emailed to you. Attend using any VR headset or your desktop.
  • To check out the Frame in which the live training will be held, browse around below.
    You can view it on desktop and in most VR headsets directly from a web browser. See instructions for every device here.

  • Want to create your own Frame? Learn more about it here.

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