Announcing Vizible 1.1 - See What's New

June 13, 2018

Gabe Baker

We're proud to announce the new release of Vizible, our no-coding VR creation and collaboration tool. Vizible lets you create interactive VR presentations and then use them to hold immersive meetings. It's used for sales presentations, training + education, design review, and more. You can sign up to try it for free here.

Read on to see what's new!

Import Photospheres

Users can import a wide array of assets into Vizible Presentations (videospheres, 3D models, sounds, documents, images, etc), and we're happy to add photospheres to the list of available media types. You can now drag these in to your Vizible Asset Library, mark them as "spherical" or "spherical 3D" if the photo is stereoscopic, and then drag them right in to your Vizible Presentation. They'll show up as a smallsphere, but you can preview it within Presentation Designer by right clicking on it and selecting "Expand". Once in a Vizible session, you can point the Remote Tool at a photosphere and expand it out for everyone in your Vizible session to see. Here's two people meeting up in Vizible to check out some photospheres together:


A lot of the work that went into this release improves the overall stability and connectivity of Vizible. Do please let us know if you get connectivity errors when running Vizible Presentation Designer or when participating in a Vizible session.

Easier Presentation Previewing

Now it's much easier to preview your VR presentations as you're working on them in Presentation Designer. You can just press one button up at the top of Presentation Designer and your Presentation will be launched for viewing in VR. This is a handy way to preview your creation in VR as you're working on it. As you make changes in Presentation Designer, those changes will be reflected in VR in real-time. Take a look:

Avatar Recordings Capture Asset Motion

Now, when you make an avatar recording with Vizible Presentation Designer, you can have your avatar grab objects and manipulate them. Those actions will be preserved in the avatar recording. As an example, you could record yourself taking apart a 3D model and then embed that recording inside your Vizible Presentation. This opens up incredible opportunities for training, sales presentations, and more.


To see the full list of new features and bug fixes, you can check out the Release Notes. Existing users can access the new release on the Downloads tab of the Vizible Web Dashboard.

We're improving Vizible all the time, and we'd love to hear from you about what you'd like to see next. Reach out on Twitter or Facebook, or drop a note on our contact page.

Sign up to try Vizible here!

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