Bringing Spherical Videos Into Vizible VR Presentations

October 11, 2017

Gabe Baker

WorldViz is creating a next-generation VR creation and collaboration solution, Vizible.

When designing 3D/VR environments, we think you should be able to bring a wide array of content into your creations. In our Vizible Presentation Designer, you can import 3D models, images, videos, pdfs, and more. Once you’ve created your presentation, you can hold meetings inside of it from VR or a desktop. This blog post will focus on one kind of content you can import into the Vizible Presentation Designer: spherical 360 degree videos. We’ll also show you how to bring this content into your Vizible presentations and how it looks once inside.

First – why use spherical videos? For one, they create a much more immersive experience over 2D videos, since viewers can freely look around and experience the video in a more life-like way. There are some spherical videos you can find online, but to create your own you’ll need a 360 degree camera. The cost of these cameras is going down rapidly, and we’ve seen cameras that capture great spherical videos for $150.

Once you have a spherical video, bringing it into your Vizible presentation is drag-and-drop easy. First, you simply drag the asset into the assets library below the scene view. Once there, you just drag and drop it into the scene, where it will then show up as an orb. Here, I’m dragging a spherical video into my scene, where it then shows up as an orb.

Once you’re actually in Vizible holding a collaborative meeting, training, or class, the presenter can expand the video with the “remote” tool available from their tool menu. Your remote will take the closest video sphere as its target, and when you hit the “expand” button, it will expand the video sphere so that you and all other participants in the meeting will be immersed inside of it. You can then use the remote to play and pause the video. Here’s a look:

So, there you have it. It’s incredibly simple to bring spherical videos into your Vizible presentations and then explore them with other people. We can’t wait to see what you create.

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