Bringing Unity Assets into Vizard using Unity’s FBX Exporter

February 22, 2022

Sado Rabaudi

Click here for a video demonstration: 

This quick tutorial will show you how you can bring assets over to Vizard from Unity using Unity’s fbx exporter tool. 

1. In your Unity project, install fbx exporter plugin (Under Package Manager- Unity Registry- fbx exporter- install)

2. Delete the Lights in your Unity scene

3. Select all objects in your scene (Edit- Select All)

4. Export (Game Objects- Export to Fbx) and configure options (can choose whether to export animations)

5. Open in Inspector (In Vizard Tools- Inspector) and scale scene to 0.1 (right click on “scene” node and choose insert- below- Transform, click on Transform then the Scale tool at the top)

6. Add lights in Inspector and change ambient light and edit textures to make PBR as needed

If wanting to use glTF for  built in PBR textures you can use an online fbx to glTF converter, such as:  (use .glb)


For more information on how you can transfer over your Unity projects to Vizard and on more of Worldviz’s products contact 

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