BUILTR AEC News Site Profiles WorldViz

December 19, 2014

“WorldViz has been in the game for quite a while, and has mastered the ability to send AEC professionals into an accurate and incredibly detailed virtual mock-up of their projects.”


 That’s what BUILTR, an Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) news site, said about us in an article profiling WorldViz, published December 16, 2014. The author, Alanna Lynch, interviewed Zach Goepel, director of WorldViz’s AEC branch, Architecture Interactive. The article highlights how our technology makes immersive interaction with your industry-standard design program models a largely code-less endeavor. It also outlines our PPT motion tracking systems, optimized for sub-millimeter precision tracking of large walkable spaces.

An earlier BUILTR article, “The Many Magical Uses of Virtual Reality,” traces WorldViz’s involvement in the AEC industry. It also outlines VR’s impact in medicine, psychology, and defense, all of which we have been a part of for years. The article’s header image is of the 15 meter wide Projection VR system currently housed in our Santa Barbara Tech Lab.

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