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August 18, 2017

Sandra Bergmeir

Vizible is our new VR sales communication platform that will forever change the way your clients view your product, help you collaborate remotely with anyone anywhere on the planet, and avoid costly mistakes before they happen.

Learn about our clients’ first-hand experiences using Vizible. Watch our full testimonial video and read more about our clients’ specific use cases:


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“Vizible has been a game changer for us”

– Russ Alford, General Manager, Turner MRS

Turner Medical and Research Solutions (MRS) provides a range of enterprise level medical research solutions, guaranteed to deliver high quality patient care. With Vizible, MRS is able to fully immerse their clients in virtual environments providing an experience unlike any other. The ability to virtually step into a physical space and interact with to-scale surroundings has made such an impact that MRS now uses Vizible in every single project proposal.

Not only does Vizible revolutionize sales communication, it also reduces costs associated with physical mockups, travel, and errors in the planning process. Being able to visualize their end product from the very first stages of production has been a major key to success for Turner MRS.

“[Vizible] leapfrogs us from where we are now in Marketing to where we are going to be tomorrow”

– Jay Klanfer, EVP Business Development, Travel Group Worldwide

Travel Group Worldwide is a premier hospitality and marketing company, providing tools and opportunities to further advance their industry clientele. Using Vizible, Travel Group Worldwide is able to showcase their properties in VR, drastically improving client relationships.

“They can experience and almost taste and smell these properties” Klanfer said. Sharing these experiences in VR makes the entire process much more impactful and efficient.

“Vizible does an excellent job of giving you a sense of presence”

– Zach Goepel, Regional Marketing Manager, Procore Technologies

Procore Technologies is the most used construction software application worldwide. Vizible allowed Procore to improve their communication resulting in a more seamless workflow overall, benefiting not only the end customer, but also simplifying the planning process as a whole.

What stands out specifically to Goepel is Vizible’s ease of use. “First of all, how to set the presentation up is simply drag and drop” he said. Vizible’s presentation designer allows the presenter to create his/ her presentation simply. The cloud based system makes accessing your presentation anywhere, anytime a breeze.

VR is the future

According to Bloomberg Intelligence and Gartner it’s clear that VR will revolutionize businesses in the foreseeable future. They estimate nearly 17 million VR units will be sold by 2020 to businesses alone.

Are you ready to get ahead of the curve? Watch our full testimonial video to learn more about the real-life Vizible use cases and see how you can implement Vizible in your business today.

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