Combining Projection VR with Advanced EEG and fNIRS Neuroimaging Devices for Academic Research

May 23, 2023

Peter Schlueer

Combining WorldViz Projection VR systems with EEG and fNIRS is an emerging scientific research resource giving you all the benefits of controlled VR stimulus presentation and ecological validity while maintaining clear access to subjects’ craniums for advanced neuroimaging techniques and data collection.

Are you a researcher using EEG and fNIRS techniques, and are you interested in adopting and integrating controlled VR stimulus presentation? Your decision which 3D visual input device to use - a VR headset or VR projection - could be critical.

Based on our experience with numerous research customers, we find that Projection VR systems are a unique scientific research tool giving you the benefits of controlled VR stimulus presentation and ecological validity but avoiding the drawbacks of VR headsets interfering with cranium access necessary for EEG and fNIRS devices providing insight in user behavior.

In short, unobstructed access to the cranium and forehead, limited interference, enhanced comfort due to lightweight wearables, controlled stimulus presentation, and ecological validity are the reasons why VR projection systems and non-invasive neuroimaging devices make a powerful match.

For Alzheimer’s research, specifically, we find that elderly populations tend to experience VR headsets as uncomfortable, but much more readily accept less obstructive lightweight 3D glasses, not to speak of the presence of your own body and immediate environment in your field of view while immersed in a 3D projection system compared to and over a VR headset.

Even emerging therapeutic avenues using transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) requiring access to a subject’s cranium for brain stimulation can benefit greatly from VR projection playing the role of VR stimulus presentation in your therapeutic setup.

WorldViz client Mass General and Martinos Center using non-invasive neuroimaging inside a WorldViz VR projection system for medical research. WorldViz is working with their teams on new techniques for VR based visualization of fMRI and histology imaging. Read the full use case story here.

WorldViz can provide you with custom VR solutions, build VR experiments, and supply turnkey systems incorporating EEG and fNIRS. Our team has been working with many research groups using emerging paradigms that combine EEG and fNIRS with stimulus exposure to immersive virtual environments. 

Our low footprint projection VR environments, but also WorldViz solutions that let subjects simply experience immersive video content eliminating even the need for 3D glasses are currently paving the way for new research approaches.

Our VR research solutions allow experiment participants to be immersed unobstructed in VR projection based virtual worlds while you measure their physiological and behavioral responses.

WorldViz projection VR allows both groups and individuals to be immersed unobstructed.

You can easily mark events from the simulation in the physiological record, access physiological data in the VR environment for biofeedback and control, objectively measure workload, stress, and emotion, and analyze the resulting data when you add additional physiological data collection devices such as EKG, galvanic skin response, and respiration.

Our projection VR systems create striking visualizations via low-footprint 3D ultra-short throw projectors, transforming your space into a nearly floor-to-ceiling virtual environment. The systems also function as an immersive presentation and showcase space where groups of up to 15 people can experience 3D environments collaboratively, wearing lightweight 3D glasses allowing them to see each other.

Projection VR systems only require a minimal footprint and can be installed in offices or labs at a fraction of the cost of traditional CAVE systems. Extend projection VR systems to create large scale multi-sided installations, or combine with VR headsets for unique collaboration.

WorldViz VizMove Projection VR system in action at Texas A & M University.

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